Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer days

We've had two great days in a row. Yesterday was just packed full of fun.

6:30 -7:45 Got up with Dean, gave him milk, made us oatmeal, saw dad off to work
8-9 Walked to the park and played until I got too hot
10:30-10:45 Library
11-12 Pool
1-2:30 Nap for Dean while I made some low sugar blueberry jam
3:30-4 Errands
4-5:30 Dean played with Susie (he calls her Suzu) and I visited with Alexis (my awesomely organized friend)
5:45-6:15 Dinner
6:45-7 Scriptures, teeth brushing, prayers, and bed time for Dean
7-9 Tried organizing our files while I watched SYTYCD. The only judge I ever listen to anymore is Nigel. I mute everyone else and it helped me focus and get more done.
9-10 Relaxed
10-11:45 Cleaned up, watched Conan (still sad Leno's gone), read scriptures, and went to bed

This morning hasn't been quite as packed, but we had lots of fun at the pool. We met a couple friends there, so that's always fun.

Dean was the most adventurous I've ever seen him! I bought some water toys and that really helped keep him entertained. He also ventured to play in the fountains rather than just touch them with his hand. He still wasn't too keen on the idea of his feet coming off the ground when he got too deep, but he was more content to stay in the shallow end because of his new toys. I also experimented and tried to get him showered and dressed for the day there, and it worked out decently. Note to self: remember to bring "no tears" shampoo because it's really, really hard to wash the soap out of his hair in the shower without getting it in his eyes. I used his little watering can and that helped, but it was still hard. He was a real champ at the pool though.

I really love the good days.


randa_joy said...

Ha ha! Usually I feel like we are eerily similar in thinking but I found an important point on which we differ. I hated Leno and could not wait for Conan to take over!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Randa, I actually think Conan is a pretty funny guy (and I will always choose him over Letterman), but I find most of his bits more annoying than funny, and I don't think his monologue writers are very good at all. I have to admit his monologue has gotten a bit better since he switched to the tonight show. Both Matt and I like Leno more and find him more relaxing to watch just before bed! I am excited he'll be back in the fall.

Laura said...

Yay for good days! I feel like such a good mom when I get a lot done AND we do a lot of fun things for the kids.

Amanda said...

I haven't liked Conan's monologues either, but some of his other stuff is pretty funny. and i can't believe that you don't love Mary's hat tamale train squeal. JUST KIDDING! but I am enjoying that show immensely and am trying to convert my famiy since it's more fun than watching it alone. cannon likes the hip hop, and lily LOVES anything where the girl is wearing a long princess dress and gliding around.