Monday, June 01, 2009

Spring Recital is OVER!

Honestly this was the smallest and least stressful recital I've had, but it's still nice to have it behind me! Last fall I started with 13 students, but all of my high school kids dropped because of time and stress, and I had a couple drop for financial reasons. I was supposed to have 7 kids play, but one had a last minute conflict and another broke her arm a few weeks ago, so it was just 5 kids and myself performing.

The theme was show tunes. The kids were able to choose any song from any movie, musical or TV show. If I couldn't find it in their level, I arranged it for them. I actually arranged all but 1 this time! It's pretty rewarding to hear something I had a part in creating, actually.

Payton (lvl 1): The Pink Panther
Natalie (lvl 1): Zip-a-de-doo-da (couldn't come)
Lexi (lvl 2B/3A): Popular (from Wicked)
Annelise (lvl 1): Beauty and the Beast
Lora (lvl 1): Masquerade (from Phantom)
Cami (lvl 2B/3A): Hedwig's Theme (the one I didn't arrange)
Zoe (lvl 2A): Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (broke her arm)
Celia: Hungarian Dance No. 5 (featured in Lemony Snicket's)

It took less than 20 min. for everyone to play! The only disappointment for me was how few siblings were there to support their family member(s). My family was so good at that growing up. Unless we had a scheduling conflict, we pretty much went to all performances of our siblings. I think it's good for kids to support their family.


Kristeee said...

Nice! I find it really impressive that you arrange your own stuff. Do you find harder/easier arrangements and just edit from there? Or do you make it up by ear?

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I find the original usually (sometimes just other arrangements) and then simplify it down. I usually have to change keys and simplify big time.

Erin said...

I totally agree about the sibling support. Although I wasn't too great at piano all but one of my other siblings were amazing. I can't tell you how many recitals I went to. I was always so impressed by them.

Lois said...

You are great for doing so much arranging. I only did that once and that was for an all Schumann recital.

I'm glad you think it was worthwhile to support siblings. I think it is even more important today. Mom