Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Dean's new favorite word is "cool".

I do say it often when he repeats words over and over. He'll say something like, "Doggie. Doggie. Doggie." and I'll say, "Yep. That doggie's pretty cool."

He picked up on it. It started out that Daddy and his shoes were cool. Now almost everything he likes is "cool". It totally cracks me up.


On a totally unrelated note, Dean head butted me so hard (not maliciously, though he sometimes does it when he's mad) today that it made me cry. Not just tears in my eye, but full out cry for a couple minutes. He hit me right on my ear and it pushed my ear into my glasses arm that pushed into my head. I still have a welt and bruise on my head because of it. Ouch. Not cool.


Amanda said...

NOT COOL about the head butting. Boston sometimes head butts me backwards when he is sitting on my lap and then bows his back. He gave me a bloody lip the other day!

Kristeee said...

Ugh, that's not fun. When Kate panics or gets super excited in my arms she grabs hold of me with a deathgrip that leaves bruises. Sadly, the thing she most often grabs is the one that sticks out, leaving my poor chest bruised. Not cool.

But that's fun that Dean picked up "cool" like that. You have yourself a little parrot!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Yep. Forward, backward, Dean's a head butt-er. He will sometimes bang his head on the floor or wall, say "owie" and then do it again just to make sure it hurt.

Laura said...

Josh and Maia have their repeated words too! They bring smiles every time.
Head butts are TOTALLY not cool! Josh was in that phase for a while but never got me good enough to cry; I'm so sorry about your head. I hope it gets better soon.