Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Fence Down

Today I looked out our back window and saw that a large section of our back fence is down. Upon inspection at least 2 posts are already broken and a couple more look on the brink. Using the same price/ft. it's costing for the front and side, if we replaced our ENTIRE fence it would cost $15,800. We share the entire fence line with 5 different houses, so imagine how fun that would be trying to get all of them to chip in. HA! I guess we'll just let our back door neighbors worry about this one for now (the posts are in their yard, though that doesn't mean much more than convenience in fixing), and if they come to us wanting to replace it we'll pay our half. The joys of "owning" a home.


Stephanie said...

Sad. That is a lot of money. You never realize how expensive things like that are until you want/need to fix them. And 5 houses sharing your fence sounds like a lot.

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Sheesh! Who knew fences were so much? Did your nasty neighbor knock them down this time? Ha ha, just kidding. ;)