Thursday, March 29, 2007

The little kumquat lives

There's no denying it. I received medical proof today that my little kumquat (that's how big the baby is right now) is real and not just a figment of my imagination. Yesterday marked 10 weeks into my 40 week hosting party. At the end of my visit my baby had its first karaoke party with the help of some gel and a special mic. It was a cute little heart beat. I called Matt and had him listen too.

My body's already changing. Though I'm not "showing" to an untrained eye, the once only flat spot on my entire body is not quite so flat. It's pretty exciting.

I've learned to never take a prenatal vitamin in the middle of the night if you wake up and remember you forgot to take it before bed. Not good at all. Unless you like throwing up in the middle of the night.

I nap during the day! I generally sleep during both of my 15 min. breaks at work and sometimes even during part of my lunch hour. I never knew I could be so tired and simultaneously sleep so poorly at night.

One thing I'd not expected was an aversion to sugar. Just hasn't sounded good at all. Except sour candy on occasion. But cookies, cake, ice cream, granola bars (except kashi), yogurt, and chocolate have sounded quite unappealing thus far. On the other hand, string cheese, artisan bread, eggs, potatoes and refried beans, and all sorts of fruit have all sounded pretty good for the most part. I get sooo hungry so frequently. At least I get full quickly now too. I eat about 6 or so small meals now.

Speaking of which, it's time for my second dinner. Or is this my third?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

100 thing about me--on the installment plan: Part 4

This is the final installment. If you'd like to review the previous 3 parts, please see part 1, 2, and 3

76. The fist year Matt and I were married I made him handle all meat.
77. Then I got a job as a professional cook where I had to handle up to 8 lbs. of ground beef by myself at one time. Sick. But I got over it enough to do what I needed to do.
78. I hate sleeping with the top sheet tucked in tightly.
79. I often find myself complaining about systems and roads being poorly designed...a friend suggested I should have become an engineer. Maybe I should have...
80. On Hartman's color code personality test I am primarily blue with red as my secondary. I find that to be pretty accurate.
81. I bawled in Little Women but didn't shed a tear in Titanic.
82. I'll often start a baking project to find I don't have everything I need. I'm pretty decent at finding substitutes that work well.
83. I've never eaten more than 2 small bites of a steak.
84. I do believe in global warming and cooling.
85. I don't believe that humans are the primary cause (or even a true secondary cause) for that warming or cooling. I very much agree with this documentary. (It's long, but if you ever have time, it is very worth the watch in my opinion.)
86. I get annoyed when people say that anyone who believes in Christianity or a Supreme being is ignorant or stupid. Very annoyed.
87. I've always been wary of "empirical studies" and "peer reviewed material" as a definitive source of truth.
88. Mainly because I think data can be skewed to "prove" any desired result.
89. I think clowns are a little scary.
90. Maybe that's because I watched Steven King's movie IT when I was about 10. Freaked me out. I vowed to never again watch a movie of that genre.
91. I love the gingerbread from SouperSalad.
92. My hair was not curly until after I hit puberty.
93. The only movie I've ever walked out on was What Lies Beneath. The previews were enough to make me want to leave. I didn't make it through 5 minutes of the actual movie.
94. I love, love, love to be rubbed. (Shoulder rubs, head rubs, back rubs, foot rubs. You name it, I love it.)
95. I had bad migraines in high school.
96. It used to take me anywhere from 1-2 hours to fall asleep after laying down in bed. Marriage somehow cured me of that.
97. I dyed my hair red for 5 years. One time my mom forgot it wasn't my natural color.
98. I am very happy in my marriage, and I'm sad when other people are cynical about marriage.
99. My freshman roommate really disliked me and didn't talk to me the last two months we lived together.
100. I am very blessed to be a part of my family. I love my parents, siblings, cousins and grandparents. I only wish we could see each other more often.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I know this one!

I teach Sunday School to the 5 year olds who turn 6 this year.

Two weeks ago we had a lesson on Prophets. I had a lot of pictures of Old Testament, Book of Mormon, and latter-day Prophets. I'd give about 5 clues about the Prophet and say, "who am I?" The kids would then guess and point out the picture.

They found the right picture every time, but they didn't always know who the Prophet actually was. One kid continually guessed Joseph Smith (even on the clue "I was the very first Prophet. My wife's name was Eve. I was the first man on earth."). When I finally came to Joseph Smith's clues, that kid raised his hand and said, "Oo! Ooo! I KNOW this one!" Wanting to give him a chance to finally be right, I called on him.

"GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!!" was his enthusiastic response. It was so cute I couldn't help from laughing a little.

Me: "No, no.. your other guess Eddie."
Him: "But I know he was the first President."
Me: "You're very right. He was the first President of the United States. We sometimes call the Prophet the President of the Church, but he's not the President of the United States. Who was the first Prophet after the restoration?"
Him: "Joseph Smith?"

100 things about me--on the installment plan: Part 3

If you missed them and would like to know more about me, please see part 1 and part 2.

51. It makes me uncomfortable to watch people sing up close. Especially really sappy emotional singers that do a lot of weird stuff with their facial expressions and close their eyes a lot.
52. The summer after my senior year of High School I bought a photo enlarger and developing equipment thinking I'd one day have my own dark room.
53. That equipment is still sitting at my parents' house and I never have used it. If anyone wants it and is in northern AZ, I'm looking to give it away.
54. I submitted a portfolio for the BYU photography major but wasn't accepted.
55. I'm allergic to the cold. I get hives.
56. The worst job I ever had was working at a tomato farm picking suckers 9 hours a day. That lasted only 2 weeks.
57. The closest I ever came to getting in a fight was during an 8th grade city league basketball game.
58. I quit playing basketball in 10th grade because I didn't like how angry and intense I could get.
59. If someone tells me I can't/shouldn't do something I think I should be able to do, I set out to prove them wrong.
60. I was a frequent sleep talker and walker as a child.
61. I tend to freak out (unknowingly) if Matt comes to bed after I'm asleep. I sit up, hyperventilate, and/or speak rapid gibberish. I generally don't remember much of those episodes the next morning.
62. Sometimes I flip ahead in books I'm reading and read a random page or paragraph to see who's still important at that point.
63. I easily forget plots, twists, and outcomes of movies and books. I can re-watch and re-read almost anything at least once and still be genuinely surprised.
64. I've read every Mary Higgins Clark book. Some of them more than twice. I don't know what it is about her writing...
65. I generally like my body and have a good self-image.
66. I was going to get laser hair removal this year, but I don't think I can while I'm pregnant.
67. I would be happy with 11 months of temperatures ranging 65-75* and 1 month of sweater and hot chocolate weather.
68. Matt and I call each other by our names. We have no pet names. We don't even call each other honey or sweetheart. It's weird to even think about calling him that. lol.
69. I love adrenaline pumping activities like cliff jumping, fast roller coasters, and free falling.
70. I can get very fired up if I feel I or someone else has been belittled or unjustly berated.
71. I used to chew on pens until they were so bad I had to throw them away.
72. Once as a freshman I borrowed my biology teacher's pen and unconsciously chewed on the cap. I gave him back the pen without the cap and he freaked out. I think he swore at me if I remember correctly.
73. I participated in 2 scholarship pageants. (i.e. the county level of Miss America)
74. My parents were very sad when I chose to wear a 2-piece tankini the second year for swimsuit. I figured I'd rather people look at my tiny waist than my not so tiny thighs.
75. I was a mostly vegetarian for about 10-12 years. There is a little discrepancy as to whether I started that at age 7 or 9.

one more guys...I know you can't wait...To be continued

Thursday, March 08, 2007

100 things about me--on the installment plan: Part 2

Please see part 1 if you wish to start from the beginning.

26. I chug rather than sip.
27. Room temp. water is my beverage of choice unless it's a really hot day or I am overheated; then I like a little ice.
28. At one family reunion I tried to get up on a wake board so long my hands couldn't grip the bar any longer. I never did get up.
29. The most torturous location in the mall is the perfume section of any department store. Sick.
30. The vast majority of my wardrobe comes from Ross. I swear I'm a walking advertisement for them.
31. I really enjoyed taking stats for my dad's JV baseball team in High School.
32. I was so obsessed with the idea of speaking at HS graduation I dropped a graphic arts class to take a physics class half way through my senior year to move up in the class standing.
33. It didn't really move me up much; I ended up 5th in my class and didn't speak
34. My mom said I stopped taking naps at about 1 year old.
35. I think my laugh is my most distinctive characteristic
36. Rachel Ray (Food Network) is VERY annoying and I get frustrated every time I watch her show. ("De-lish!" "We're making Fun-due today. That's what I call Fondue." "We just need a little EVOO. That's what I call Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those of you who don't know.")
37. If I'm retelling a conversation I had with someone, I like trying to imitate their voice. I'm not making fun of them, I just like to convey the whole experience.
38. Sometimes I'll tell people I agree with them even if I don't. I do this to avoid unnecessary squabble over trivial things.
39. I didn't own a pair of flat shoes (other than running/exercise shoes) from 1994-2003.
40. I always have dark circles under my eyes.
41. Once when I was a teenager, a dental hygenist jokingly told me I'd not need to floss since my teeth were spaced so far apart.
42. I took her seriously and I didn't floss once until I was 23.
43. I floss every night now.
44. I've never tried rubarb though I would like to.
45. Eating beets makes me feel like I'm going to throw up. It seriuosly made me gag.
46. In Jr. High I placed 2nd in regional shot put for my weight.
47. I had athlete's induced asthma in high school. I had an inhaler.
48. I can pass up sweets pretty easily.
49. Salty and sour foods are more temptatious for me.
50. Leno over Letterman hands down; it will be a sad day when Conan O'Brien takes over for him.

To be continued...

Journal Gems

Last night I was reading through a journal I had to keep for my 5th grade class. I was cracking up at my entries since most of them were notes to my teacher. My favorites include:

Aug. 28,1991
I have a poem for you.

Camels are strange anamals. [sic]
have you ever seen a camel?
Camels have a big hump.
It's like a water pump.
It can last for two days.
Maybe even two Mays.
One strange anamal is a camel.

Aug 29, 1991
I have another poem for you. =)

As I wait I watch and see.
The great waves as I sit there quietly.
I watch the great waves
Many watch them too.
Can it be the waves are saying peek-a-boo
The great waves pave the wonderful water.

Jan 27, 92
I have a game on Sat. at 2:00 pm if you want to come you can. I'll tell you where it is tommorow [sic].

May 8 (I was busting up over this one. Julie's only 3 years older than me.)
I read from 8:30 to 10 last night. Julie said she won't sign my assignment sheet anymore because it says PARENTS signiture [sic].

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

100 things about me--on the installment plan

I've seen a trend for my friends to post the "100 things about me" recently. I really enjoy reading the trivia, however, 100 in one sitting can be a little overwhelming. So I thought I'd do mine in installments.

  1. I have been scared to tears by dogs. (within the past year even!)
  2. I stopped wearing makeup on a regular basis about 4 years ago when Matt told me I look better without it. (easier, faster, and cheaper! That's how I like it!)
  3. When Matt's gone, I like to crank up some music and sing while I clean.
  4. I can't stand wearing nail polish of any kind. (toes and fingers alike)
  5. I sweat more than most people, and I have since I was in 6th grade.
  6. I only own a small "engagement ring." I was very specific about not wanting a second band or a big ring. I still very much like it that way.
  7. I was extremely boy crazy from 1st grade until my sophomore year of high school.
  8. Matt's the only boy I ever kissed after I was "legal" (over 16)
  9. Matt was not the only boy I kissed!
  10. Don't worry I can count them on one hand...
  11. Cleaning the fridge has always been my least favorite chore.
  12. Reebok is the only running shoe for me.
  13. The TV is on in our house far more than it should be, even if it's on the Food Network the majority of the time!
  14. I LOVE cooking but HATE figuring out what to cook
  15. Math was my highest score on the ACT
  16. I haven't taken a math class since high school
  17. I love writing but have extreme difficulties placing commas correctly
  18. Leadership and Self-Deception was the best/most life changing text I ever read for a class.
  19. When I was little I often told people I'd be the first woman US President; I think I just wanted attention because I didn't know the first thing about politics.
  20. Yangshuo China is the most beautiful place I've ever visited
  21. I went through the Temple to receive my endowment at age 19. Unusual though it was since I wasn't getting married, nothing could have been more right for me at that time.
  22. I love, love, love to dance--especially hot Latin ballroom dances like samba and cha-cha
  23. I used to take pride in my arm wrestling abilities and arm strength
  24. I now use that arm strength for sweet arm balance yoga poses rather than arm wrestling
  25. In 5th grade, as a girl scout, I sold 150 boxes of cookies. For prizes I got a stuffed zebra, a shirt, a mug, and a patch. (And I only know this because of my journal.)
To be continued...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Svithe on my preoccupation: an explanation for my absence

I'll just spit it right out. I'm pregnant.

Wow that felt good. I've wanted to tell you ever since I found out last Monday, but Matt really wanted to wait till my first trimester was over. But who are we kidding here people? It's ME we're talking about! He does know, by the way, that I am writing this. I waited a week at least....

He and I have two very different ideas of communication. He likes to tell people things only when necessary. When it is necessary he keeps it to the very basics. He hates divulging personal information. I think he'd have a heart attack if he knew everything I put in our Christmas letters and my blogs. (But I'm not stopping him from reading them and editing out what he wants. He chooses not to read, so I choose to write what I want.) I try to restrain myself on very personal issues, but it is hard. I do that only because I love him. I, on the other hand, will tell my life story to someone I just met if I happen to feel a good vibe or connection upon our meeting. I don't like keeping secrets. I usually want everyone to know everything about me so they know what they're getting into.

Onto the svithe:
A miracle could be defined as "a marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of God." Many people (Christians included) think miracles don't happen today. I beg to differ.

When we saw our specialist at the end of last year, we were told that it was highly unlikely that we'd get pregnant on our own; he said to get medical help rather than just pray for a miracle. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it would be a year, at the very least , before I'd be able to get pregnant. We took the necessary medical steps in the right direction, but continued praying all the while.

I've always had faith that things would work out like they're supposed to. I just got frustrated when I didn't know the plan. I knew we'd have kids, I just didn't know when, how, or what we'd need to do first to obtain them. God knows the plan for my life, but I wished he'd just let me in on the secret so I could get on with things.

I don't think the Lord really likes to be bossed around, so I kept the prayers to something like, "We're ready. Help us to know what to do. Thy will be done." I have faith the Lord can do anything. If it was His will, I'd have gotten pregnant immediately. "For with God nothing shall be impossible." (Luke 1:37) But it wasn't. So I just had to have faith that things were going the way they were supposed to. Some weeks were easier than others. I had a couple of cries. But overall I figured life would work out, and it is.

We got pregnant the week before any of the medical help. I think it was the Lord's way of reminding me He works miracles and that we need to pray for them when it seems most unlikely for them to occur. Such is the nature of a miracle.

Oh, and I'm due the last week of October as far as I can tell.