Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too soon in coming

My best friend of the past 3 years here in McKinney, Erin Schlosser (of Schlosser Designs), is moving tomorrow. She'll most likely be back in TX after her husband gets his MBA in a year, but boy am I sad. It's not nearly as easy finding "bosom buddies" that you can hang out with, craft with, and easily gab with after you leave the college roommate scene; so when you find one, it's hard to let go! She will be sorely missed by both Dean and me. Dean loves her (and her kitties) just as much as I do!! He asks for her all the time. "Shosh. Shosh. Kitties. Shosh." He cried yesterday when we didn't stop at her house on the way home from the park!

Goodbye Erin! Good luck in Chicago. May you survive the winter there and come back soon!


Brooke said...

I am sorry to hear that she's moving. I completely understand the "hard to find a GREAT friend" at this stage in life. It seems like whenever I do find someone that I really click with, one of us moves. It stinks!

Lindsay said...

Oh man, I feel ya. This honestly is the story of my life -- a great friend is finally made, and then one of us moves. It hasn't happened yet in New York, but it's inevitable that it will eventually. Sigh. Good luck finding another great local friend to click with!

Erin S. said...

Sigh, I miss you guys so much! Poor Dean, he probably doesn't even fully grasp that "shosh" isn't in the house anymore! :( Thanks for being an AWESOME friend and for all your help in packing!!!