Monday, June 15, 2009

Vocab at 19 mo.

My sister-in-law recently had a great post about her son's vocab boom, and I thought it was a good time to copy the idea since Dean's going through the same thing. In the last week or two he's gotten way better at mimicking me. The words I'm listing here, though, are things he's said multiple times on his own without me prompting him much, if at all. He constantly surprises me with words I didn't know he knew. It's hard to make a comprehensive list, and I know it will be impossible in a few months. Plus, it's really interesting to me to see some of his interests.


Tortilla, egg, milk, nini (zucchini), gee-use (juice), nana (banana), grape, cracker, snack, fruit, water, drink, pizzia (he does add that "i") , oatmeal, mint (he loves cinnamon altoids! this also refers to life savors), jelly beans

*Side note on food* I think it's a bit odd that he will not eat melted cheese or red sauce things very well. He doesn't care for grilled cheese, pastas with red sauces, lasagna, pizza, etc. However, he really likes oatmeal, zucchini, V8 juice, and yesterday asked for more broccoli 3 times. He also loves short grain sticky rice, but he won't eat long grain white rice. Odd. He's drinking from a regular cup (glass cups at that!) at meal times, and he's doing quite a good job with it. Only spilled once this week.

Mom/Mommy, Dad/Daddy/Matt, Shosh/Ern (Erin Schlosser), M-ma/M-pa (G'ma & G'pa), Ca-ey (Cathey), baby (this is used for my belly and all children, even up to 8-9 year olds!), Mammen

Items around the house
Couch, scissors, marker, draw, tack, bag, phone, chair, bike, car, keys, DVD, TV, CD, hammer, screw, screwdriver, tool, pool, weeds, fan, speaker, shoe, sock, shampoo, shower, ba(th), soap, bubbles, picture, seat, scriptures, (air) conditioner (sounds like a mix between "scriptures" and "picture"), dirt, mud, high chair, googly eyes (this is one of his latest and it CRACKS me up.), gooey-a (toothpaste...where he got gooey-a, I'm not sure), chapstick, (s)ink, book, tractor

Animals/Animal Sounds (stuffed or otherwise)
Kitty/kittycat, teddy, doggie, duckie, moo, baa, oink, neigh, hoohoo heehee, tsu tsu (bird), nunny (bunny), gaff (giraffe), och (ostrich),

Church, home, bop or pop (park),

Comings and Goings
Hi, Hi Dean (when he wants to be picked up), Bye bye, see ya, out (when he wants to get out of his chair, take his clothes off, go outside, etc.),

Ouch/owie, pokey, ewwww (referring to his feet when we take off his really is disgusting), yucky, mmmm, dangerous (it takes a parent to hear it though...), orange (though he usually follows it with juice...even when he's just talking about the color), pee pee, old, hot, cold, cool, wet, no, gyeah (yeah)

Body Parts
Hair, nose, toes, knees, arm, feet, neck, back, ears, teeth, eyes

He still refuses to even attempt touching his "shoulders" in Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes and moves directly to knees instead. He can point to a lot more than he can say.

Letters and numbers
C, O, R, 2, 3, can usually be said without me prompting, but not always. Just in the last two days he's been more willing to copy me in counting to 10 and saying more letters of the alphabet than R. His favorites are definitely #2 and R, and he'll say those if he's a bit stumped. I figured I'd leave a few videos of these. I know it'll probably only be interesting for grandparents and relatives.

Counting 1-10

ABC's (a valiant effort)


-Laura- said...

I'm totally honored to be in Dean's vocab. :) What a cute kiddo!

Neither Janelle nor Spencer really liked melted cheese either. I could not figure it out. Janelle will finally eat a grilled cheese sandwich, but it's not her favorite thing. And Spencer still won't touch them. Weird!

Lindsay said...

Fun post! I'm tempted to do something similar, even though Garrett's vocab hasn't exploded yet. He's getting closer, though.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

A few more words he used today that I forgot about:

salt, oil, pillow, door, Susie, hot haw (hot dog), night night, cheek, chips

I know there were more, but I can't remember...

Rubalcavas said...

What a smartie! My little guy doesn't say anything yet.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I finally figured out that he was saying "flower" after I said F. I thought he was saying "power" so I couldn't make the connection to F. Smart boy.

Kristeee said...

Wow. I'm so impressed. I have to admit, I'm also jealous. Kate's the queen of animal sounds, but that only goes so far in communication. Granted, the fish noises do let me she wants snacks...

Lois said...

He's amazing with the R sound. Not unusual for that to be the last sound kids learn. What a smartie! Mom

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I think that L will be his hardest letter sound. We have a book (Moo, Ba, La la la) that has 3 pigs singing the la, la, la. He always says "gra, gra". It's pretty funny. Maybe he's Chinese...