Friday, August 29, 2008

Dreams and Goals

Well, really, there are so many things I'd love to do. These are a few that have been cropping up recently.

The Now
My friend Laura issued an exercise challenge and I took her up on it. I committed to 75 miles in 5 weeks. Really it shouldn't be too hard so long as I get myself on a regular schedule. It's only 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. It's good to have a set goal, though, so I can hold myself accountable.

Get organized and declutter! I've started on this one already, and really, it's an ongoing process that will be a goal the rest of my life. I don't know if I'll ever really achieve true organization, but so long as I'm working toward it, we shouldn't be too bogged down by stuff. Just today I took 3 garbage bags, a box, and a random assortment of items clothes, house hold items, etc. to Goodwill. It is nice to have my front closet again.

Figure out how the heck I'm going to make piano work! The schools here already started and ended later than I liked, but they pushed them back even MORE this year! The elementary kids don't start until 8:45 and the High School doesn't start until 9:15!! The way they have it set up, there's no way kids can get here before 4:30. It's going to push my lesson right up to Dean's bedtime, so I don't know how we'll keep him happy, fed, entertained, etc. Matt will help, but if I'm visible or audible, Dean is not happy with Matt taking care of him, especially when he's tired. Since our house is so small, I don't know how we'll work around that.

The near
Figure out a good weaning timetable. I don't think I'll go cold turkey, but around 12 months I'll gradually cut out day feedings and then within a few months I'll cut the night and morning feedings.

I'm not sure if next May qualifies as near, but I'm starting to plan our every-other-anniversary-trip already. (Our previous trips included Guatemala in 2005 and NY in 2007.) We would really like to go to Scotland. Matt's from Scottish descent and the countryside is AMAZING over there (or so I've heard). We fear this tradition will be harder and harder to do after we have more kids, so we'd like to go there while it's still relatively easy. We're trying to figure out if we'd take or leave Dean. Right now I'm leaning toward leaving him. He'll be 18 months. It freaks me out to even think about being separated from him for a week, but I think he'd have a rough go at the whole jet lag thing, and possibly ruin the trip for everyone. We'd have to enlist a grandma or two to come hang out with him while we're gone. Anyone have tips on places to go or things to see over there?

We need to buy a storage shed. A nice looking one so it would help eventual resale and not junk up our back yard. Probably something in Cedar around 8X8 or 8X10. It seems like it's going to be a bit of a hassle. We have to get permits and stuff from the city and our HOA. Any recommendations for good vendors?

Continue to hunt for real living room furniture. What we have is comfortable but horribly ugly and mismatched. We're not in such a hurry that we will buy something we'll regret, but it's crazy hard to find something we like enough to throw down $1-2000 on.

Switch out all our door knobs and ceiling fixtures for brushed nickle rather than the bright brass junk the builders use. We've already switched out some of both, but need to have uniformity throughout the house.

The Far: Alas, this may never come to be
Oh how lovely it would be to have wood floors in the living room/kitchen and new carpet everywhere else!

Non-Formica counter tops that won't stain...maybe some nice shiny stone counter top.

New faucets. I despise the ones we have (though I'm grateful we have something...yes, something is better than nothing!).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things that make me smile

1. I almost never open Dean's bedroom door when he's sleeping. He's such a light sleeper he'll usually wake up from the slight noise of the door handle. Today I had to go visiting teaching and was a little late because of his nap. I opened the door (at the time I was supposed to be there) and got to watch him for a few minutes before he woke up. This is what I found:

It was just too cute. He often "reads" his books (you can see one open by him) and plays with his animals (I often find them stuffed in the corners of the bed), and talks to himself, and fake laughs, and knocks on the wall while he's prepping himself for sleep. It's fun to see how he actually positions himself for sleep.

2. I got an email today saying I was this month's winner for page in a bag! I was a bit surprised since I didn't use the paper like it was intended. They also offered me an position on their design team. I'm not sure what that entails, and it freaks me out a bit because I feel I'm not that creative. I seriously have to research other people's ideas to scrapbook because I just don't see layouts easily on my own. So, I'm not sure if I'll accept or not. Plus, then I'd feel like I shouldn't do the page in a bag and I really like doing it...

3. Gas is down to $3.27 right now. Funny how we feel about the price is relational to it's recent pricing. When I got my first car (the sube) in 2000, gas was around $1.15 a gallon. When we got married in 2003 it hit it's first spike and went above $2. People were mortified and were posting the ARM and LEG signs. When we moved here in 2006 it was $2.50. Regular Unleaded never quite got to $4/gal. here this year, but it was close. So, even though it's still pretty outrageous, I'm smiling it's at least going down and heading in the right direction for now.

4. Dean's been, on average, a really happy and funny boy. His ability to crawl quickly has much improved his temperament. He's been laughing a lot recently, often "fake" laughing at random times. He babbles tons. I really love when he talks under his breath, like he's trying to test out sounds before he actually makes them.

5. The other day at bed time he wasn't happy about me undressing and dressing him. Matt got his attention and told him to not whine. It totally sounded like he said, "O.K." and then he turned back to me and started crying again. Matt did it again, and again Dean said what sounded like, "O.K." and turned back to me crying. It was just so funny.

I love being a mom.

Except when I don't.
But you could never know the sweet without knowing the bitter.
So I guess I'll take the bitter because I sure love the sweet!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A little piece of heaven during a hellish sort of night: svithe

This is the second svithe in recent weeks that I've started and not finished, so I figured I'd just finish it even though I don't really feel like posting it anymore since this was from the weekend and it feels a little removed.
Every summer we're here I continue to question why we're here. The heat plus humidity are just about unbearable during the hottest part of the summer. When we got back from Snowflake the contrast was almost demoralizing. 106 plus 80+ humidity?! Disgusting.

Last week we got a lot of rain that helped cool us off. The air was thick, but the temperatures were so much more bearable. I didn't mind too much that we couldn't really play outside during the rain because, heck, we can't play outside when it's sunny either!

Saturday wasn't quite so hot as 106, but it was in the 90s and thick by 8am when my friend Erin and I went for a jog. We ran about 6 miles. 6 miles in the 90s feels very long and draining. I don't know if I've ever been so disgusting after a run. Sweat cascading off of me in sheets.

Anyway, our front lawn was in desperate need of a mow, so after getting from our run, feeding Dean and putting him down for a "nap" (which didn't really happen), I mowed. Let me just say that mowing after running 6 miles does not equal fun (even for someone who usually likes to mow), especially when it's so blasted hot.

Well, all that hot outside time left me feeling pretty junky the rest of the day. As the day wore on I wore out and felt worse and worse. Dean was really cranky all day too (was it from being in the stroller in the heat during that long run? I'm so sorry little one...) so by the time evening rolled around I was grateful.

We had our adult meeting of Stake Conference Saturday night. Matt went to his leadership meeting at 4, and I left for the adult session when he got home. I'd just put Dean down to bed and he was having a horrible time going to sleep. He was still crying by the time Erin and I left (and cried almost an hour Matt says!). Erin drove and boy was I glad because I was feeling quite horrible by that time. I nearly didn't go.

But I'm so glad I did! You know, I think it was one of the best church meetings I've ever been to, and do you know why I think that? Because even though I was feeling so crappy with a horrible headache, a nauseous tummy, and an achy body, every single speaker kept my attention. I wasn't just wallowing in my self pity wondering why I didn't stay home in bed. The talks were very personal, personable, touching and relevant.

Emotionally I felt better after going, but I was feeling physically worse. I barely made it through the ride home and tossed my cookies immediately after getting in the house (well, I did make it to the bathroom). That helped a little. I made Matt rub my shoulders and eyes. I still felt pretty horrible, almost too horrible to go to bed, so I asked him to give me a blessing. It really did help. I'm so glad for what I have. The gospel, good friends, a good husband.
Here are a few things that stood out to me:
What Families Do:
  1. Pray together
  2. Offer mercy and forgiveness to each other
  3. Sacrifice for each other
  4. Serve outside the home together
  5. Temple worship
"Don't be dried out by discouragement and doubt. Jesus Christ is already victorious. 'In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.' (John 16:33)"

The Temple President spoke about how we don't always know why trials come. He told a story about a time when he was Bishop in UT and he went to a special fishing hole with one of his counselors on the counselor's birthday. Unfortunately it didn't go as expected and the man died of a heart attack while they were out. He was 40 and left behind a wife and 4 daughters. A few months later his wife was diagnosed with cancer. The Bishop's wife was really concerned about what would happen to the 4 girls if their mother died as well. He didn't believe that the Lord would take both parents from them, but the wife felt very strongly like they should let the mother know they'd care for the girls if that should happen. They went over to their house as they were leaving they told the mother that while things would hopefully work out for the better, if the unthinkable should happen, they'd be more than willing to to take the girls. She thanked them and said all of her siblings had already offered and that it shouldn't be necessary. That night around 11:30 she called the Bishop's house and asked to speak with them both. She'd prayed about it and wanted to take them up on their offer if they had already prayed about it. They had and she and her lawyer went over that night at 11:30 to change her last will and testament. 5 years later she died and the Bishop and his wife took them in as their own and raised them. Why do things like this happen? We don't always know. What we do know is that the Lord has given us the Plan of Salvation which is a plan of happiness. If we understand the gospel, we will find happiness and solace in the Lord, despite the trials that come.

The next speaker was a convert who'd just been baptized in July. Her testimony and story were amazing. She spoke of her rich, religious, God fearing heritage. Her family and ancestors were very strong Baptists who loved the Lord, the Bible, and really lived their religion. She met this man, a Mormon, who she'd become friends with. While she was concerned that he was a Mormon, she could tell that the spirit of the Lord was strong with him. The more they spoke, the closer they became. One day he said, "You need to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. If it is true, there's no option but for you to convert. If it isn't true, I'll follow you down your religious path." They got married and had tons of religious discussions, read scriptures together, etc. After reading the Book of Mormon she was praying to know what was right, but he told her she needed to pray specifically about the truth of the Book of Mormon. She didn't want to because she was scared she already knew the answer. Her decision to be baptized was solidified when they were talking about the Plan of Salvation and she realized that though her ancestors were good, righteous, and God fearing people they'd remain in spirit prison* until their temple work was done. She said, "When can I get baptized and when can I go to the Temple?!" Her testimony was very strong. I sometimes find myself wondering why people who already are strong in their faith would see a reason to listen to and open their minds to the gospel as we know it. But if people are really honest about seeking truth, they are willing to listen and many times will find themselves nodding in agreement with what we have to offer.

The next man who spoke had quite the opposite story of the previous woman. He'd joined the church about 10 years ago and for one reason or another is just now getting around to going to the Temple for the first time. He spoke of long and winding paths that lead to the door and how every person's path is different.
The visiting General Authority gave a wonderful talk. He based his talk around D&C 121:41 & 45
"No power of influence ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned...and the doctrine of the priesthood will distill upon thy soul as the dew from heaven."
What is persuasion? It is the coming to a meeting of minds and sharing information. It's not coersion. Stop talking about conclusions and start sharing information.

What is longsuffering? Patience. The Lord isn't as interested in changing behavior as he is in changing hearts. When hearts are changed, behavior will follow.

Do away with force and threats and replace them with persuasion and long suffering.

When you're having problems with a spouse or a child, be gentle! People respond to gentleness and kindness.

Have love unfeigned for your children. Little children understand love even if they don't understand English.

He told a story of his 4 year old that wandered all over the place. He once wandered out of the house close to a busy street. People were concerned that this little boy was out on his own so they called the cops. The police picked him up and figured out who he was and called the parents to come get him. The GA decided his kid needed a good stern talking to and really lit into him. About half way through his eyes were looking wide and he thought, "Finally! I'm getting through to him." At the end the dad said kind of gruffly, "Any questions?" The little boy looked up and said, "Dad, were you speaking Spanish?" --Little kids don't understand anger, but they understand love. So, speak the language of love in your homes and you will heal wounds and relationships and bind broken hearts.

How do you handle a [woman, man, child, teenager]? You love them. Tell them you love them, even if it's after they've gone to sleep. Get in the habit of saying it, meaning it, and living it.

*Latter-day Saints believe spirit prison is a temporary state in which spirits (who died without a knowledge of the truth or those who were disobedient in mortality) will be taught the gospel and have the opportunity to repent and accept ordinances of salvation that are performed for them in temples (see D&C 138:30–35)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dean's first word

Well, I am convinced that at 10 months Dean has learned his first word. Was it mama or dada? Nope. It's cracker. I told you that crackers are one of his favorite foods. Yesterday when I was getting him some cheese and crackers, he seemed to repeat the word cracker when I said it. I tested him throughout this morning if he would repeat cracker in the correct context and he would. I also tried other words (like mama, dada, baby, Dean, etc.) and he wouldn't repeat or even try to say anything else. So, I got his first word on video of course. I promise there's no recreational screaming in this one. He attmepts it in the middle of the video but actually says it much clearer at the end.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Because I know you wanted even MORE pictures

Selections from the Family Reunion Photo Shoot

A little fun in the air
First there were the Originals
Then we add the lovers.And from the lovin' we get the whole gang.
We're a pretty good looking bunch, if I do say so myself.

(The names listed are the 7 originals in reverse order)








Thursday, August 21, 2008

More pictures: Food faces

Dean's been acting funny while eating. He seems to like everything I've given him just fine (Except cantaloupe. He refused to eat it.), but he makes these funny faces while eating. He looks angry, but I promise he's not! He will screw up his face and then beg for more. He's just such a crack up. I love when he pulls faces. Isn't this self portrait of us just too funny? We were eating peaches and cheese when we took these pictures and videos. He usually tries to pick up his food with his fingers, but if it's too slippery, he bypasses the fingers and goes straight in with the mouth. I think we need to work on his table manners...

My handsome little man: 10 months

Dean's teeth and hair have made him look so much older recently. His hair is getting a little scraggly, but Matt doesn't want to cut it until he's 1 year old. I went on a picture binge yesterday and the day before and these are some of my favorites of the shirtless variety. (He was just too slobbery and kept soaking his shirt front!)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Predictability of Unpredictability

The past two weeks or so Dean has decided that the morning nap is just not for him. He generally plays and talks quietly in his crib about 1/2 hour or so and then starts whining until I come in and get him (usually another 20-30 min. in hopes that he'll fall asleep...). That then leaves him with only one nap. According to Dr. Weissbluth, 17% of babies lose the morning nap at this age. I just didn't think it would be Dean! He just cut out the late afternoon nap a few months ago.

Today I put him down again, resigned to the thought that it was really just a quiet play time rather than a nap, in order to get a shower in. Much to my surprise, he was totally quiet when I got out of the shower. And almost two hours later it's still quiet.

Now to give you a taste of his sleep unpredictability, here is a little snippet of his sleep log:

Monday night:
  • Because he only had one (one hour) nap he was EXHAUSTED and we started getting him ready for bed at 5:45.
  • He was asleep by 6 PM.
  • He woke up and cried for a few minutes around 10 PM. Put himself back to sleep.
  • He then woke up at 1 AM and I made him cry it out (not sure how long since I shut my door so I could sleep).
  • He had very loud and intense crying about 2:30 AM (I could hear him through my closed door and with a pillow over my head) and I went in and fed him. He was up by 6:15 for the day!
Tuesday day:
  • Because he was up by 6:15 he was showing tired signs by 7:45. Rubbing his eyes, cranky, etc.
  • I put him down for a nap early (8:15) because I was exhausted (my body DOES NOT like getting up at 6:15, ESPECIALLY when I stay up and watch Olympic gymnastics!) and needed to lay down myself.
  • When I woke up at 9 he was still quietly talking to himself in his bedroom. I got him out of bed.
  • During my 9:30 piano lesson he seemed REALLY tired, so at 10 I tried putting him down again. He pretty much cried and cried and cried for 45 min. and never fell asleep. I got him out of bed.
  • After running errands, I tried putting him down again at 12:30 (He'd been up since 6:15!!) and he cried for nearly 50 min. before falling asleep out of exhaustion. He only slept 1 hour.
Tuesday Night:
  • We got him ready for bed at 6 and he was asleep by 6:20.
  • He didn't make a peep until 4:15 AM!
  • He slept until 7:40 AM!! and was then up for the day.
Wednesday day:
  • I put him down this morning, at 9:40 thinking (like I said earlier) it would just be quiet time for him while I showered.
  • He slept until 11:20 AM. (Longest morning nap he's had in ages!)
  • I put him down again at 1:30 after my piano lessons. He fell silent (and I'm guessing asleep) about 1:50 and is still sleeping. Oh, I spoke too soon. He woke up at 2:45.
I just never know with this kid. He's been a very unpredictable sleeper his whole life. I try and be consistent, but it's very hard when he's so inconsistent.

I guess I'll just take it one day at a time. (Overall, he's getting to be a happier baby during his awake time, even with his nap dropping, so I'm very happy about that.)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stitching in Scrapping

I have wanted to try stitching in scrapping for a long time. It took me much longer to complete than I had anticipated since I couldn't use a hoop and paper's much less forgiving than fabric.

Overall I like how it turned out. What do you think of the black on white journaling? Matt didn't like it and felt it didn't fit with the rest of the page. I'm on the fence but don't know what I'd do in that space instead.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Out for the Olympics

I tell you what, the TV has never been on so much as it has been the past week (hence my non-blog updates...good for my crafting though since that's what I've been doing during my 4-5 hours stretches in the evening while watching swimming and other such events). I truly love the Olympics. Matt, on the other hand, does not. (He thinks that one competitor from every country should compete in all individual events and see who turns out on top. Sure it might take a year or more, but it would sure be interesting to watch.) I like that it is positive, that you see people who have worked hard and overcome adversity, and that it shows that people can achieve just about anything they set out to achieve. I sometimes wonder how in the world people keep breaking world or olympic records! It seems at some point it will just be beyond human capability to get faster or stronger or whatever.

In 2001 I was living in China while they were bidding for the Olympics. It was fun to see Chinese kids dress up in world clothing, do world dances, and show everyone China's commitment to opening doors that had been closed for a long time. I remember hoping they'd get the bid because of the impact it would have on the rising generation's global perspective. I told myself that if I was in a position to return to China in 2008 that I would. Well, I wasn't and I didn't so the next best thing is to get out old journals, photos and watch the Olympics at home.

Oh, and don't they know how to put on a good show?

Anyway, I hear Dean waking up from his nap.

Friday, August 08, 2008

9 Months

Weight at 6 mo.: 17 lbs (37%)
Length at 6 mo.: 27.5 (81%)
Head circumference: 17.25 (48%)

Weight at 9 mo.: 18 lbs 6 oz (11%)
Length at 9 mo.: 28.5 (48%)
Head circumference: 17 3/4 (36%)

So, this visit was a little uneventful. The worst thing was having to wait almost a full hour after meeting with the nurse before the Dr. came in. Sheesh. It's hard to entertain a tired 9 mo. old that long in a small office, especially when all he wants to do is eat everything he can get his face close to. He did quite well under the circumstances.

She mostly just told me to do everything I'm already doing. I think doctors must have to assume all [new?] parents are idiots (or ignorant) and just tell them the obvious.

What is he like at 9 months you ask?

Well, he is a mover! He is getting pretty quick at his crawl, but his preferred method of movement is mommy carrying him (sometimes I feel he's attached at the hip!). He also is getting quite good at pulling to stand and walking while holding onto things. That can even mean the wall. (Though he is sporting a nice shiner in the pics above from when he tried moving from the couch to the phone table without holding onto something on both sides.)

He goes to bed for the night between 6-6:30 pm and is still getting up around 4-5 to eat and then wakes up around 7 for the day. I know I should probably try and make him cry out that 4 am feeding, but I'm a little worried he'll start waking up in the 6 o' clock hour if I do. I usually now find him sitting up (or standing) in his crib, facing the door waiting for me to come get him out.

He naps at 9 and 12-1, depending on how long the first nap is. Not consistent in length at all! Some days he doesn't even make an hour and some days it's almost 2 hours! This makes scheduling things difficult. He's dropped the 3rd nap to my chagrin. He is usually so cranky by 5pm I have to be extra creative to stretch him out until 6 for bed.

He can quickly sit up from a laying position.

He eats pretty well, but at this point I don't think he'll be ready to wean at 12 mo. He goes crazy for waffles (I try to make blueberry waffles and feed him mostly the blueberries and a little of the bread) and saltine crackers. He likes to hold something in each hand and is quite good at feeding himself. If I give him a cheese stick he breaks it in two so he has one for each hand. (Don't worry, I monitor him VERY closely so he doesn't choke.) Cheese, yogurt, fresh peaches, nectarines, plums (though he makes a sour face frequently while eating) and refried beans are some of his favorites. He'll also eat crockpot carrots and potatoes, peas, and he was quite fond of french fries the one time we let him taste them.

Some days he's really happy and plays really well. Many days he's REALLY clingy (but not cuddly) and won't let me put him down. I don't get much done when he's awake.

He likes to turn lights on and off, play in the sink, and kiss himself in the mirror. He loves cables. It's super difficult to have him in our computer room right now.

He waves, but to himself in the mirror, random people at church and in stores, and out the window (to no one in particular) when he wakes up. For some reason he hardly ever waves for daddy when he leaves for work.

He has 7 teeth that have broken the skin (4 on top and 3 on the bottom); 6 are almost in fully. They hurt really bad when he nurses.

Here is a little clip I took 2 days ago. I wanted to cut this video shorter, but jumpcut wouldn't let me load once again to edit it. Don't know what's wrong... We'd been busting up for a couple min. before I got the camera out.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Last time I swear!

Blah, blah, blah blah. I know I've posted too much about SYTYCD this season, but I promise this is the last post (this season at least) since it was the finale tonight!

Favorite dances: The boys' Russian dance. Smokin' hot, I say. I also really liked Katee and Twitch's Foxtrot.

I thought it was a little over the top to require the jive AT THE END of the FINALE (and then it's no wonder Courtney didn't have enough oomf to get that one over the head lift in the final number, good heck)!!, but I guess like Nigel said, "Nobody gives a damn if you're tired. They paid their money and they want a good show." (Or something like that.)

Last week I said I wanted Joshua to win. I kept going back and forth all night between Joshua and Twitch. I voted for Joshua, and then I couldn't stop myself and I voted for Twitch too!

I kinda feel for Katee, because I think she danced almost flawlessly on every dance the whole season, but I just can't see her beating out both boys. They're just too good and are the underdogs. I won't lie, I really want to see an untrained (yet phenomenal dancer) win. Plus they have really great personalities. They're both confident, strong, humble, nice, funny, not cocky etc. I really think Benji's personality propelled him to the win his year, and they make me think of him.

I do think that Courtney was out danced by all tonight, though I've loved her the whole season.

I think if we're to consider the whole season and not just tonight's performance, Joshua and Katee are the strongest of the four.

Who's going to win??? I actually think it will be Joshua, but it really could be Joshua, Twitch or Katee. They're all extreeeeemly close in my opinion. This is the closest competition yet I think.

The end.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August Page in a Bag Entry

I can't believe what I was able to come up with this month. I don't think they'll be expecting anything like this since I didn't go with the dog theme...

These pictures were all taken in April.

Here are the two papers we were given. The other required objects were the ribbon (the other side is polka doted), the red gems, and the circle tag. I cut up the dog bone/ dog house paper to make the patterned border thing. It's a little busier than I normally do, but over all I was ok with what emerged, especially since I didn't really like the materials.

Monday, August 04, 2008

After these messages...we'll be right back.

Before I forget, today was one of Dean's best days ever! We went to my friend Kerrie's for about an hour. He totally loves dogs and cats (OH GREAT!! I hope I don't get out voted on getting a pet a few years down the road.) and isn't afraid of them at all. He was happy and smiley the vast majority of the day. He went down easily for all naps and bed. He didn't cry or whine until it was minutes to bed time. It was so much fun!

Well, the last few days I've felt a bit burned out on blogging. For awhile I felt like I don't get any projects done other than cooking, cleaning, and blogging. So, I may post a little less frequently for the next week or two so I can feel like I've been able to do some things I want to do.

Some things on my list:

1. Scrapbooking and organizing pictures. (Page in a bag contest this week...HORRIBLE paper selection this month. I actually don't like anything in the bag. Two dog themed papers --and we all know how much I love dogs--, brown polka dotted ribbon, a small circle tag, and UGLY red rhinestone stickers--why the gem stickers?? why??)
2. Quilting. Two projects. One small, one big.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Movie Knight

This week has been rough with Dean being sick. So tonight I decided it was the perfect time to take a little break out for myself and go to a movie. I had a gift pass to use, and I chose to see The Dark Knight.

I loved it. Did I love it as much as the first? was very different from the first. I mean, how can you top the cool Ninjas in the first movie? I think I liked Batman Begins slightly better, but this was still quite good. Two thumbs up from me.

I was caught off guard to have Rachel played by Maggie Gyllenhaal rather than Katie Holmes Cruise. I guess I haven't watched the previews closely. Oh, and Randa, I'm sure you've heard it over and over, but holy crap you look like Maggie. I thought that the last time I saw her in a movie, and I thought that tonight.

And for any who refuse to see the Batman movies because the original Batman movies were kind of lame, these really are great. Give it a chance...