Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Edward at 3 months

I didn't ever post Edward's 2 mo. stats.
2 mo. weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz.
2 mo. height: 26 in.

Walt beat him on the weight by a few ounces, but he's my tallest of the 3 at the 2 mo. check up. 

He is now 3 months and totally overdue for some PICTURES! He is so stinking cute and such a joy. I can't tell you how blessed I am to have this beautiful little soul. He is so smiley and good natured. Right now he loves to chat, make bubbles, kick his legs, and he has rolled over once. He doesn't like being left alone and he'll squawk until someone comes into sight. It's amazing how well he deals with his over exuberant brothers.  He constantly tries to sit up, pulling his head up, up, up.His new hair is growing in under his birth hair and it's definitely going to be very light. Blonde, but I think there might be a little red in it. Matt doesn't think so. We'll see.

We just put this chair up today since he nearly stretches from top to bottom when his legs are straight.

How could you resist this little face?

This was right before bed. This is definitely his tired look.

Bubble Beard!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dean's Field Day

Dean had a field day the week before school got out.

He really got into the sponge throwing station.
Tug of war. The girls won.
Ring Toss
Teddy Bear picnic, but we didn't have a teddy bear, so a robot had to do.
Monkey see, monkey do. Love this picture.
This little girl tried sitting by the other girls, but they told her she couldn't sit by them. Her mom told her to sit down anyway, and after she did, the other girls moved away. Dean went over and sat by her. Didn't say anything, but I thought it was pretty sweet of him. Gosh the catty girl behavior starts early, doesn't it?
This was right after Dean's patriotic program and graduation. Ms. Ellen was a fantastic teacher.

Glad it wasn't my - Memorial Day

Well, I had kind of a crazy day yesterday. Some of you might have seen it on facebook already, but I ran the Stonebridge 1K with Dean and the 10K right after it. 

Dean did a great job. We started out with shoes and headphones, but the headphones kept falling off and his shoes were weighing him down. So half way through, we took off his shoes and headphones. He ran the whole thing and I was really proud of him even though it wasn't his fastest time because of the shoe and headphone situation.  He even sprinted in at the end. He was so excited to get a medal but kept asking what color it was. "Is this bronzen? Is this gold?"  And when he talked to my parents afterward, he said, "Yeah, I got a medal and I think it was like gold or something."  Right after that race, I fed Edward so he wouldn't be hungry while I was gone. And then I went to run and Matt and the kids went home.

I started out really strong, in the 7's and low 8's. About half way through I dropped to the 8:30's and started getting really hot.  At about that time I just kept thinking, "close the gap" between me and the front group.  I sped up a bit and caught someone in the back of the lead group.  With about.5 left I started getting fuzzy headed and a couple of people passed me.  It was all I could do to hold onto a 9 min/mi. I sprinted to the end with about 1/10 mi. left and felt really light headed. After I crossed the finish a couple of volunteers came over to help me because I looked like death heated over. I apparently passed out for a few seconds and I think they were pouring cold water on me. I threw up a couple times and then they called the ambulance.

When the ambulance got there, I initially resisted letting them do an IV or take me to the hospital because the last time Matt rode in an ambulance for his appendicitis, it cost us $800 because the ambulance was out of network. What a crock.  Anyway, I felt tired and hot but thought if I could just go home (one of my friends was at the finish line and said she'd take me home) and rest and drink some gatorade or something, that I'd be fine enough.  I didn't realize that they'd keep me so long (it was really only a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity) and ask so many questions. As they were asking questions, my left foot started cramping. They said it was from dehydration and I needed fluids to make it stop. I asked if I could have a drink and they said they didn't have anything except the IV.  The cramping started to move up into my leg and continued up the whole left side of my body. I started tapping right, left, right, left to keep my mind off of it and keep myself present.

When my lips started going numb, and I couldn't tap in rhythm anymore, I told them to take me to the hospital.  I was completely soaked head to toe. I was there a couple of hours while they gave me 2 bags of IV fluids and checked my vitals. My friend who was at the finish line followed me to the hospital and called Matt for me. He brought Edward up to eat (he'd cried himself to sleep when I wasn't there in time) and she went and watched the other two boys till we got home. She even did my dishes and folded some of my laundry!  I've done this distance since  having Edward so I wasn't worried about the race, but I don't think I've done it quite this fast and the places I've run had shade most of the way. There were no trees or shade or breeze, and it was fairly hot and humid (mid 80s I think). I actually got 2nd in my age category and finished in 53 min., (8:30 pace. A little slower than I wanted, but still a decent time.) 6 min. faster than my last 10K. I didn't properly hydrate before the race and I breastfed all night and twice that morning before my race.  They also said my blood sugar and potassium levels were low.

At the hospital I seriously had about 10 people ask if I liked my vibram 5 fingers, and one of the paramedics said he was going to get himself some. haha.  I also had people tell me stories about how someone died at the Dallas Rock N Roll two years ago at the finish line, and a girl here at a Stonebridge race was in a coma for 3 days. So, I'm glad I didn't die and/or go into a coma. That would be bad.

So, I probably won't run any more races while I'm breast feeding, and if I do, I'll be much better about hydrating and probably keep it to 5K or less. It was crazy, but I'm fine now. I slept from 8:30 pm - 6:30 with breast feeding interruptions.   Way more than a normal night's sleep for me.
I picked up my medal today. Too bad it's not real silver to help pay for the medical and ambulance bills...haha.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Reaching goals

right after my run
I only really set two goals for myself this year. 1. Have a successful VBA2C and 2. Run 7:30 pace for repeatable miles.  As we know I reached my first goal on Feb. 14th.

And tonight I reached #2!!!

I was so excited. I almost always run faster at night even though I prefer running in the mornings so I can get it out of the way and relax at night.  But having 3 kids kind of threw a wrench in my running schedule. I have switched to running before Matt goes to work or after the kids go to bed. This has resulted in shorter distances at faster paces. My week day runs are generally 2-4 miles and my Saturday runs I've tried to keep 4+ with my longest run since having Edward being a little over 7 miles.

Anyway, I felt pretty great tonight. My mile splits were: 7:41, 7:27, 7:27 and 5:09 for the last 21 feet. That made for an average of 7:31 for the 3 miles. I know it won't be prudent to run every run this fast right now or I'll end up injuring myself, but I felt like it was possible to work my way to this for longer distances.

I've officially signed me up for the Stonebridge Memorial day10K and right before that race I'll run the 1K with Dean. I am so excited for him. All kids under 9 get a medal. He's going to be stoked.  The other day he came over and whispered to me randomly, "I'm so excited for our race!!" LOVE IT!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Sweet, Beautiful...

This morning when Edward woke up, I brought him out to the kitchen where I was with the other boys and said, "Good morning my sweet, beautiful boy." And Dean replied without looking up from his art project, "Good morning my sweet, beautiful mother."  I laughed and said, "I have three sweet, beautiful boys, don't I?" He replied, "And I have one sweet, beautiful mother."

Awww.  Happy Mother's Day to me a few days early. =)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

(Cr/H)appy Anniversary to us

One of our first dates in 2000. BYU homecoming.
Today is our 9th anniversary. It's been a good 9 years.

Today, however, was kind of crappy. Matt's been working long, late hours in CA and we haven't gotten to talk at all this week. The few times he's been available to talk, I haven't been home to see his email for me to call him. Yeah. One of those times I wish we actually had cell phones.

The boys got me up before Dean's stop light alarm turned green for the second day in a row.  They were at each others' throats ALL DAY. I was ever so very grateful that Dean had preschool today. I ended up putting together our double stroller again and went for a jog since I haven't been able to run since Matt left. I propped Edward up with a pillow that he leaned on and sucked until he fell asleep around mile 1. When we turned back into the wind on the way home he had kind of a hard time with it, but fell back asleep. Running with a stroller is so very different than running on my own. It's good, though, for me. It helps me from running at race pace every run and is kind of like strength training since I'm running with an extra 75 lbs.  I hate not being able to use my arms though.  It was HOT today. I didn't get out until about 10 and it was already nearing 90*.
Frazzled after a long day. Walt took the pic.

When I picked Dean up, his teacher said he'd been in time out a couple of times. No surprise there after our morning. Today was one of those days that was just plain filled with frustration, time outs, a couple of spanks, yelling, naughty behavior, more naughty behavior, tired boys who don't nap, and was all topped off by getting pooped on by the youngest. Glamorous.

The few positives of the day:
  1. My sister Julie called. It was so nice to talk to another adult that I love. 
  2. Dean finished a Robot comic book he's been working on for a couple of days. He was nice and grateful to me for a few minutes after we got it compiled at least.
  3. Our trip to the library actually went slightly better than normal. Edward didn't cry until we got in the car to go home (then he screamed bloody murder the whole way and Dean tried to feed him water to get him to stop crying and he was soaked by the time we got home). We got a huge bag of books. The boys were fairly well behaved (minus Walter opening up the light cover and flipping some switches. WHY don't they have a lock on that??? It's just so tempting for kids to see that there should be a lock but there isn't one.).  
Here is Dean's book.