Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Work! Tools!

Dean is in love with tools. Last week I bought him his own real looking tool set. His favorite to use is his "hmar", but his favorite to admire is the new edger we got. We've gone through 3 hand held edgers with our large yard since we moved in. So last week Matt bought a heavy duty rolling edger. So far it has proven to be much better than the others. Dean seems to think it is the ultimate tool. He will ask to go to the "grage" to look at the "tool". He'll sit on the hot garage floor and just admire it.

Today as I was cooking and cleaning up the kitchen I kept finding one of our kitchen chairs on it's side. Every time I tried picking it up, Dean would protest and say "Work!", grab his hammer and start pounding on it. Matt had to fix one of our chairs last week and I guess he now thinks it's his duty to keep up the maintenence on it. Haha.

Also, we got him a little stroller last week off Craigslist since he kept getting frustrated trying to push his strollers around the house. He really has enjoyed it. The first day he had it, he tried sitting in it. I told him it was just for toys. He went and grabbed his tools, piled them in the seat, and pushed them around the house! haha. I wanted to take a picture, but my battery was dead.


marzy dotes said...

Aw. What a cutie. don't you just love little boys! they are so much fun.

Erin S. said...

He's such a smarty! A stroller to haul around tools in seems like a perfect idea!!