Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Some mornings I wish babies had snooze buttons. (Though I can't complain since he got up after 7:30.)

I wish eggs weren't so stinky when cooking them. I do like to eat them, but I don't like how they make the house smell.

I'm very happy I've been feeling the baby move a little. It's just a nice reassurance between Dr.'s visits that they're still alive.

I can't for the life of me figure out why every white shirt I have found recently is made of the sheerest material possible. What's up with that?!

My "normal" clothes don't really fit anymore. I have a couple pair of pants and shorts that still work, but my shirts and garment tops are right on the edge of not covering my belly. The few maternity shirts I have are just way too big still. I have a couple transition shirts from last time, but not enough.

Maternity shopping is not nearly as fun as exercising. (I told Matt that I was tired of my shirts not fitting so I was going to look for some new clothes. He said, "Maybe you should just work out instead." Haha. If only that would work.) Maternity wear is soooo limited and just not very flattering (and more expensive than regular clothes). So once again I bought a couple loose fitting shirts in the Jr.'s section at Kohls. Glad that style's still in since that's what I had to do last time too.

I generally hate shopping online, but I ended up buying 3 shade maternity shirts today because I was getting desperate. I hope they fit ok. They're normally $24.50/shirt, but if you buy 3 they're only $18/shirt. Much cheaper than most maternity wear that I can find.

It's nice when all your appointments get cancelled on a rainy day. No pest control. No piano lessons. I had dinner cooked, eaten, and cleaned up before Dean went down for bed! I think that's a first!

And speaking of food, I think that Millionaire Chicken is one of my favorite chicken dishes ever. That's what we had tonight. Yum. I also discovered that you get really, really tender shredded chicken by cooking it in gingerale in the crockpot.


Lesley said...

So you said that "they're" still alive, are you speaking of more than one baby inside you right now????? Just wondering?

Kristeee said...

Hehe, I found myself wondering the same thing. Do tell!

Snooze buttons for babies is a great idea.

TJ Maxx and Ross were my favorite stores for maternity wear.

randa_joy said...

Yeah the shirts I'm wearing are just the empire waist/baby doll from the regular section. I find maternity shirts are super wide and too short for long torso-ed gals like me. My pants mostly all fit because the waists are always too big but they're starting to get real uncomfortable when I sit down so I've been thinking about a bellaband or whatever they're called.
Also I really wanted millionaire chicken the other night but had no green onions or ginger, the essentials. But I decided to just saute half a regular onion and do the zest and juice of a lemon. It was pretty good still.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Na. I just hate calling a baby "it" and we really don't know the sex of the baby yet.

wildwesthome said...

On the maternity clothes front, if you're willing to dig a little, you can find LOTS of great maternity for amazing prices ($3-$8 per piece) at Ross. I've also had very good luck at consignment and resale shops. For as short a time as they're used, it's ridiculous what they're priced at. Good luck!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Randa, I can fit into all my pants but my very smallest. My size 4 jeans are now out and my size 7 (jr.s) shorts are out. And they're both low rise. But, they fit me without huge gaping waists normally, so I don't mind.

Tell me how you like the belly band. I've seen it at Target, but I didn't know if I wanted to try since I usually have a tank on anyway for shirts that have too low of necks.

I've tried Ross multiple times. They have such a TINY section and only like 5 shirts in the "small" maternity. And no skirts. Why do stores think that pregnant ladies aren't going to wear skirts?

Jodi said...

I so agree, there are not enough maternity clothes out there and they are way expensive! I have actually purchased some at the end of season for the next time because they are so expensive. I like JC pennys's maternity wear, they do sell skirts too.

Lindsay said...

DownEast Basics has maternity tees for $10. I'm looking into them myself, as I'm starting to run into similar wardrobe problems. As for dresses/skirts, I found some cute things online at Motherhood Maternity. Unfortunately nothing in my bro-in-law's chosen wedding colors (it honestly is some cruel twist of fate that with each pregnancy, I've had a family wedding to participate in at about seven months pregnant...definitely not my idea of a party), but anyway, there was still some cute stuff. Good luck.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I've purchased material to try my hand at making maternity skirts. I can make one for about $10 (if I can learn to make them properly.) I'll have to check out the downeast basics, though.

Amanda said...

the downeast basic under tees (maternity and regular) are awesome. I wore one every single day of my pregnancy. they sure make it easier to find stuff to wear. seriously everything has too low of a neckline, is too short over a bulging belly, plus you can wear sheer stuff over them. seriously, can't live without them.

i forgot about millionaire chicken. i am going to have to pull that recipe out again. i even have fresh ginger root right now, but i do need green onions. i am in serious need of some good, easy recipes now. i might have to call you.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Amanda, what sizes did you have for maternity shirts? I wasn't sure what size to order since regular store maternity clothes don't fit quite right. I got 2 mediums and a large from Shade, so we'll see how those fit. I wouldn't mind getting some of these shirts too, especially since they're less than half the price!