Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This word, I do not think it means what you think it means...

(I think that Princess Bride is my most quoted movie ever.)

Dean frequently uses the word "hot" at meals as an excuse not to eat something. It most often has to do with temperature (either too hot or too cold. He likes food at room temperature best.), but lately he's been using it when he just plain doesn't want to eat something. I'll try and tell him it's not hot, but he refuses to try it insisting that it's hot. I guess that's better than saying "yuck". I think that's what he was trying to say today for the first time in connection to food. It really sounded like yuck. We only use that word for trash and diapers, so I guess he could be making the connection to something he doesn't want. He totally goes in cycles of what he thinks is good. He doesn't seem to like eating the same things the next day. One veggie he will often eat that surprised me a little was celery. He's not a big fan of carrots and won't even try lettuce yet. He finally has warmed up to eggs a little, though, so that is good.

Today he kept asking for daddy so I told him daddy was at work. He then said, "(ph)one" and pointed to our phone (he always leaves out the "f" sound). Yesterday he got to say hi to dad on the phone twice since I had to ask him some questions. It was pretty cute. Other words he currently repeats over and over are "doggie" and "gankie" (blankie). He sure loves his little tag blanket.

This portion of the post was brought to you by the letter "R" (Mostly posting this for family to enjoy, but if you're not fam. and enjoy this stuff, by all means relish in my little guy.)
He's getting to be a cute little smarty pants. He tries copying new words I say all the time. I tried getting some videos today of his "educational tricks" and was surprisingly successful.

The letter "R"

Animal Sounds

Truck and Car

Shape Sorter The only shape he ever tries to actually say is oval.


CASSIE said...

SO SMART!! I can see my parenting skills are slacking with the second...Ranan just won't even sit still to listen- ever!!

Lady Steed said...

Holy Cow! Dean's a smart one! Large S can't really do any of those things, but he can swing a baseball bat, hit a baseball, run the bases, throw a ball overhand pretty far, catch a ball, and make basket at the basketball hoop--all of his skills are in the physical arena right now. He says a lot of words but I have never worked with him on recognizing letters. Maybe we'll start working on that.