Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arranging once again

I'll be having a summer recital in June, but I decided it best to start arranging pieces sooner this time around so all the kids have ample time to learn their pieces. (There was kind of a mad scramble at Christmas...) This recital will be my smallest yet (with only 8 students) since I've had a few kids drop for economic reasons and I have decided not to fill their spaces. So far I've arranged the song Popular (from Wicked) to a 2B/3A level and the song Masquerade (from Phantom of the Opera) to a level 1. My other kids are having a hard time deciding what to play since I leave it up to them. The theme this time is "Shows". That could include Broadway plays, TV shows, or movies.

I haven't decided if I'll play again this time. It's really hard to practice because Dean still protests my piano practicing while he's awake (insisting that he play instead...or that I do something else with him), and the house is just too small to practice when he's asleep. Definitely something I am taking into consideration the next time we buy a home!!!


Kristeee said...

Wow, you arrange your own pieces? That's impressive, I say.

I have a hard time practicing, too - Kate's taken to getting into trouble or screaming at me every time I sit down to play. Which is annoying. Really annoying, in fact. I have a piano with a "practice pedal" that really dampens the sound, but I've still been too chicken to try it out during a nap. If you were closer I'd let you borrow my keyboard that's packed away in the garage. :)

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Oh, we actually have a nice keyboard. It was great when we didn't have a piano, but I don't really like playing on it that much now that I actually have a piano since it's just not the same as a piano.