Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sometimes it pays to be nice

Last week my mouse started shorting out and then died. I was a bit miffed because it is a brand new mouse (within the last month), but we didn't have the receipt or box for it any more. I tried plugging it into the back and front USB ports, but to no avail. It was dead.

Or so I thought.

I went and bought another one. I took it out of the box, plugged it in and it didn't work! Ack. So, I tried it on Matt's computer (what I should have done with mine in the first place!) and it worked. That meant my USB ports were just plain toast. My computer is falling apart piece by piece. Partially because it's old. Partially because of Dean playing with it. Luckily we just have to get a new case, a few parts and rebuild one of Matt's old computers which will end up being better than mine anyway. So I repacked the mouse and took it back that same day. (Matt got my mouse to work using the adapter and the PS2 plug in. Unfortunately, however, I can't access any pictures from my camera until we get my new computer.)

That cashier must have been fairly new because as he scanned it he said, "Oh, we can't put the money back on your card the same day. We'll have to give you a gift card." I didn't want a gift card so I said I'll come back another day.

That day was today.

Upon arriving at the store, the cashier returning it said, "Oh, we only do exchanges on opened electrical stuff. That's our policy." I had Dean on my hip (who was snuggling right into my shoulder) and I said something like, "Oh man. I took it out of the box once and realized it was my USB port that was the problem, not the mouse. I tried to return it that same day, but there was some confusion. That's really too bad." I think he felt sorry for this pregnant little mama and he said, "Well, we could call a manager and see if there's anything we can do." I kind of hesitated because I didn't want to be one of those annoying customers, but it was over $20 so I figured I'd just see if there was anything that could be done.

He called the manager and I hear, "Yes I explained the policy. She just wants to see if anything can be done." and then he moved away a little and said something else. The manager came over and looked at the box, made sure everything was there, explained the policy and said, "Well, the box still looks new and nothing is wrong with the merchandise. I can still sell this, so I will go ahead and take it back this once. Just know that our policy is blah, blah, blah for future reference." Woohoo! And just like that. $20 back on my card.

As the cashier was finishing up he said, "You know, I wouldn't have called the manager if you hadn't been so nice and understanding in the first place. I told him that everyone needs a break sometimes." Haha.

Well, here's to not cussing out the cashier when things don't go your way!


Kristeee said...

Good for you for being nice and not showing any exasperation. Most of the time cashiers and managers will do that, though, and warn about their policy for next time. It's nice of them, I think. And it's saved me a lot of money. :)

Lindsay said...

I've noticed that, especially in my neighborhood, it not only pays to be patient when problems arise, but it'll get you far, far ahead of the game if you go out of your way to be friendly and conversational just when you're doing your regular shopping. Maybe that's because each neighborhood in the city has its own small-town feel, but when you're going in and out of the same shops week after week, store owners and employees recognize you, and they'll be more likely to give you hand (and sometimes a discount) when you make their day brighter by saying hello and asking about their families, etc. Friendliness and patience is just a good policy all around, I think.

Laura said...

I love that! There are some wonderful people out there who really respond when the situation starts out nicely.
Thanks for sharing!

Brooke said...

I loved this post! So true! Niceness pays...except for when you get pulled over in south central Utah and you get a ticket no matter how you act. Yeah...that just happened to me. Remember when you were with us and Blake got one in one of those little towns? Well, I just got my first a few miles down the road. Bummer!