Monday, March 02, 2009

That's Life

Yesterday as I was getting ready for church I heard the all too familiar sound of cereal being dumped out. Dean dumped the entire NEW box of Cinnamon Life on the floor. We'd had it for breakfast and I put the box in the middle of the table. Well, he's getting tall enough to reach almost anything, and getting good enough at climbing to reach most of the rest. He just wanted a snack.

Another day I was taking a shower and he didn't come into the bathroom once which is unusual. I figured he was getting into trouble somewhere. We'd just eaten, so I didn't think it was food he was after. When I got out i found that he'd taken the liberty of getting himself a banana, biting into the peel, peeling what he could, and eating about half of it. Independent little guy!

He'll now say please at my prompting (he says "geeee" with a hard g), more (it started as "ma" but has changed to "mo" and yesterday he even said more with the r), and again.

In the last two days he's started throwing LOUD screaming/shrieking fits when he doesn't get what he wants. Matt started implementing time outs yesterday because of it. I have continued it for other things like biting me. It's only 1 min. at a time right now. I mean, he isn't even a year-and-a half yet.


Lady Steed said...

Large S also thrown fits like that. He screams then lays down on the floor and wiggles around. It's actually pretty funny, but we stifle our laughter, turn around and ignore these tantrums. I can't say the tantrums have decreased, but I think he's slowly learning that tantrums do not get him what he wants.

Large S gets into everything too! He's always climbing up on chairs and reaching for things on shelves or on the counter--it's very annoying. Big O rarely ever did that.

FoxyJ said...

For tantrums like that we usually put the person in their room to calm down or just ignore them. If they're upset and we can hold them, I do that, but if it's just a tantrum of disappointment I usually ignore and let it pass. I try and reserve time out for bigger things like biting or hitting--we use the "1 minute per years of age" rule there too.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Yeah, Matt just put him in his crib to cool off. We don't have a time out chair or mat or anything yet. Just getting him away from the problem.

Jodi said...

Oh sounds like my life. Yesterday I put Josh in the high chair while I showered before church. the boys were ready to go and I put a show on for them. I came out and he had climbed out of the high chair. I guess I need to strap him in. I don't dare let him roam while I shower, you are brave to do so. Josh loves to eat out of the garbage can and gets into everything so I don't trust him to stay out of trouble.

Kristeee said...

Kate gets in trouble every once in a while - she bites the piano bench and grabs my music off the shelf, etc. She also throws little screaming fits when we put her toys down, etc. The punishment for all offenses is the same thus far: 1 minute of being completely restrained in our arms with no toys. It's seemed to decrease the behavior thus far.

Laura said...

Maia also throws screaming/schrieking tantrums. They totally surprised me the first few times because Joshua has never done those kind of tantrums. He just gets mad and cries loudly. We go along and learn how to deal with them - each child is different and so interesting!