Friday, July 03, 2009

How to Make Rabbit Stew

First: Live in the part of town that has about a billion rabbits hopping about the neighborhood.

Second: Plant a garden to attract the fuzzy bunnies.

Third: Now here's where people are often thrown...put up a buried fence around the garden. Fences not only keep things out, but they keep things in as well.

Fourth: Allow the little tiny baby rabbits to squeeze through the fence links and live there undisturbed for a couple weeks to get a little meat on its bones.

Fifth: Once the rabbit is too big to escape through the fence links, catch the rabbit. They're quick little buggers and can hide quite adeptly in the bushy vines and plants, so it might take you about 45 min. in crazy hot weather like it did us...Our tips: high pressured water sprayer to direct it to the corner. Hope that it tries to get out of the fence but instead gets its head stuck in the fence.

Sixth: Boil it up and strip the meat...Ok, ok. We didn't boil it up this time. But the next time it makes its way into our out bunny!

It was so little, I did feel bad to be chasing it around and terrorizing it. He kept getting smarter and smarter with his hiding and by the end it was hard to scare him out of the thick vines. Matt nearly got a gun to shoot it when we were unsuccessfully trying to catch it. Sad, but we couldn't let it continue to live in our garden. Our cantaloupes, watermelons, and cucumbers are looking too good to be eaten by a little bunny.

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Juls said...

HAHAHA! I haven't been on blogs for a long time. I really thought that you cooked up that bunny. Loved it. Bye bye bunny