Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, I just got back from my last pre-baby doctor's visit. I'm throwing Dean off schedule again; he's late going down for his nap. Ah well. Learning flexibility...right?

Well, I have NO GESTATIONAL DIABETES!! Hooray! She said my glucose level was 62 which means that if anything, it's low! Still sugar in my urine. Just an odd thing I guess. That makes me so happy since it's kind of stressed me out this past week. Probably contributed to my cold.

My last set of stats 5 days before I have my baby:
Weight: 155 still, so 24 lbs. total so far
Blood pressure: 110/60, so that's better today too
Dilated between a 1 and 2

The questions I had answered:
What happens if I or Matt still has a cold? Well, nothing, really. We still have the c-section and Matt can still be in the OR with a mask on.

How long does the c-section take? Well, the baby will be out within a few minutes of cutting and with stitch up and everything, it will all be done in about 1/2 hour.

How long will I be in the hospital after? It depends on me and how well I'm feeling and how quickly I want to leave. I could leave as early as Wed. or as late as Friday, but most Monday c-sections generally go home on Thursday.

Pain management? I only asked this because my sister said to make sure they didn't give me demamorph in my IV. The doc. said she usually won't use that. She said something else, but I didn't pay that close of attention. Oops.


This baby is feeling sooo much bigger this week! He's kicking out in places he hasn't before. Lots of side action, which is unusual. I really hope having him a week before his due date isn't going to affect him poorly for respiratory issues or jaundice or anything else.

Other than my cold I'm feeling pretty good, really. A little tired and hot, but Dean and I were still able to take advantage of the cooler morning (low 80's with a breeze!) and take a walk (1.2 miles round trip) to the park and play for 2 hours. I can still get up and down from sitting on the ground while holding Dean if I have to! I've slept on the couch the past couple days since I don't want to get Matt sick and I'm cooler under the living room fan. Less puffing and water retention than last time. I'll post one more picture on Sunday probably.


AmyJane said...

Okay, my two cents. If she was talking about DURAmorph, um, you want it. Really, really, really. It's the kind of morphine that lasts for a long time, giving you time to feel pretty dang good until the lesser drugs are enough. Unless you have a problems with morphine, I think it's worth making sure you have it, or something like it that is a long lasting painkiller that will be working as your spinal or epi wears off. Okay, off of soapbox. Maybe just ask what painkillers will be in your body when the spinal wears off. Good luck! I hope your planned C experience is great!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I'm not too worried about pain stuff. I'm not sure what they had in my iv last time, but the day after my c-section I took 1 tylenol (with codine?) and didn't take anything else after that. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain I think.

Rubalcavas said...

OH I hope you feel better. Tj and I were both really sick when my third one came. Luckily the baby stayed healthy. Good luck to you!

Amanda said...

I wonder what happens to that lady in the baby counter when she gets to 40 weeks and the baby hasn't come. Does she start swearing, or just explode? I'm glad that you won't find out!

Becky said...

Celia, I'm so excited for you! Everyone told me horror stories about having two kids, but when my second was born I had a great transition from 1 to 2. Hope everything goes well, I can't wait for more news!