Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some people just have issues: Part 2

Read here for part 1.

Our fence is up, stained, and beautiful. I need to get a picture so you can see the amazing difference of our new and old fences.

Well, the guy came to stain it today. I didn't think I needed to inform my neighbor he was coming (you know, the one who insists the fence is no responsibility of hers) since the fence is ours and paid for by us alone. I honestly didn't do it out of spite. I just didn't think I needed to inform.

Anyway, I was gone to my dr.'s apt. while he did the bulk of the staining. He was nearly done when I got home. Shortly after, I heard our outside water going and figured he was cleaning out his canister or nozzle or something. But then it kept going for, oh, I don't know, maybe a 1/2 hour. I peeked out to see if he was still there, and he'd left without turning off my water! So I went outside to check it out. We have a dual head on the faucet so you can have two hoses hooked up. He'd turned the stopper for the side he'd been using, but he left it on nearly full blast and our garden was flooded by the other head by the time I turned it off! Annoying, but not a huge deal.

As I was out looking at the fence, our neighbor came home. She stopped in her driveway and I could tell she was not happy as she got out.

She came over and told me that the stainer had used her water and failed to put her hose back properly (though it was not running like mine! I could only imagine how irate she would have been.).

Odd, I said. I know he used mine too. I mean, what am I supposed to say? Sorry the guy was inconsiderate?

She complained more about that and then she started going off on how she was unhappy that the grass by the fence got stain on it.

What I thought: Lady, you just got a $2000 fence for free and you're complaining about stain on your grass and your water being used?????

What I said: I think it's pretty inevitable since the fence goes clear down to the ground. The good thing is that it's grass and the stain will be cut off the next time you mow.

She said she wished she would have known that they were coming so she could have put something down to protect the ground.

I told her I was sorry I didn't think about the fact that the grass would be stained in the process.

She asked for a number of someone she could call (maybe the waaaaaambulance??). The number is very clearly posted on the fence, but I went and got her the name and number of the contractor. I don't know what she thinks she'll accomplish by calling. Maybe she just wants a good venting session? Sheesh. Some people are hard to please.


Him, Her & The Wee One said...

She sounds awesome and more like impossible to please. What's she going to complain about, the labor for the fence she didn't even pay for?

Hopefully you have no Part 3, although they have been hilarious.

Michemily said...

Hmmmm. That sounds soooo frustrating! I hope you can work it out. I always wonder in situations like that how books like Crucial Conversations could help both parties. I love that book. I guess I need to re-read it. Good luck.

Erin S. said...

Sheesh! I bet the contractor won't even talk to her since she's not the one that bought the fence... and stain on the grass... come on... Sorry you're having to deal with that!

Kristeee said...

Good grief. I liked the suggestion to call waaaambulance.

-Laura- said...

Wow, Celia, you are so nice! I probably would have lost it at that point!