Friday, July 17, 2009

The last 10 years

I missed my 10 year reunion today. Unlike my 5 year (which I didn't attend), I really wanted to go to this reunion. It's hard for me to believe that it's been 10 years since I graduated from High School.

Since I couldn't be there in person to share my past 10 years, I thought I'd do a little recap here.

Fall 1999
  • Took the 1/2 tuition scholarship at BYU over the full scholarship at BYU-Hawaii so I could hang with my sister Julie.
  • Worked at the Education LRC 20 hrs/week and took lots of credits.
  • Started dating Matt (my now husband). We met in our freshman ward and had Sharing the Gospel class together. I pursued him.

  • Lost my scholarship with a 3.52 GPA. Darned biology and Psych 111!!
  • Participated in Miss Navajo County Pageant for the second time. Was totally bummed I didn't make as much money as the year before.
  • Sent Matt off on a mission to PA
  • Lived with the best set of roommates ever. Was crazy busy with school and work (TA for Child Dev. 210).

  • Went through the Temple and received my endowments.
  • Lived in China 6 months teaching English & wrote Matt weekly. Can I say AWESOME???
  • TA'd for Child Development again. Lots and lots of reading and grading papers.
  • Lived with my friend Lisa in her family's basement and traded part of my rent for teaching piano to two of her sisters.

  • Tried going to TX to sell energy for the summer and was thwarted by Enron. Ended up in VA with my sister Julie and her family. Waitressed and made pretty decent money.
  • Went to England for a week to visit my sister Amanda and her family while her husband attended Oxford.

  • Matt came home from his mission. We dated. I bought my wedding dress (without him knowing it) 2 months before he asked me to marry him!

  • TA'd for Child Dev. again. Took lots of credits.
  • Received 2 different scholarships that covered almost all of my tutition!! Woot!
  • Got engaged very end of Feb.

  • Got married very beginning of May. (Yep. 2 months later! I NEEDED a short engagement!)

  • Sold Dish Network in Reno with Matt. We made decent money though we both stink at sales.
  • TA'd for Child Dev. and Moral Foundations of the Family (with Dr. Olson.)
  • Took lots of Spanish classes for my minor.
  • Kept my 2 scholarships.

  • Took an unpaid internship as staff at New Haven, a residential treatment center for teenage girls. Worked about 30 hours a week (including commute). Was totally stressed.
  • Graduated BYU! Majored in Marriage Family and Human Development and minored in Spanish.
  • Took a full time job cooking (instead of staffing) at New Haven. Really upped my cooking abilities!! Cooked (and shopped, and planned, etc.) about 7-8 hours/day for about 25-30 people 5 days a week.

Summer 2004 - Summer 2006
  • Continued cooking at New Haven while Matt finished up school.
  • Went to Guatemala for one of our anniversaries.

  • Moved to TX and bought a house
  • Had a hard time finding a full time job. Took some random part time jobs.
  • Met some friends and had some fun.

2007 - Present
  • Had Dean and have loved being a stay at home mom the last (almost) 2 years!

  • I'm 10 days away from having another little boy.


marzy dotes said...

Aw! can't wait for baby boy #2. You have been a very busy, well traveled girl. I love the pic of all of us roomies! Good times!!!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Mar, I had so much fun looking through our old pics. I'd forgotten some of the stuff we'd done.

MDawg said...

That picture makes me smile! That was a very late night when I was supposed to be writing a paper (for Child Development, I think). Somehow you guys talked me into dressing up and going over to the FHE brothers' apt. What a crazy person I used to be! It's fun to know that I haven't always been the responsible mom I am now!

Lois said...

Well done! I was so happy to see you have one graduation picture with Shantel. I seem to remember that Walmart lost all of our pictures of high school graduation. Can't wait to see you in a few days! Mom

Juls said...

Love the post, and even learned a few things :)

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Mdawg, that's funny your remember that detail. That whole semester seemed to be filled with nights where I was stressed grading or writing papers and Mar and Jess trying to talk people into doing fun stuff like go to the malt shop or dress up and go to FHE.

Mom, the picture of Chantelle is the only one I have from graduation. She must have given it to me.

J., I'd be interested to know what it is you didn't already know...

Danielle said...

wow! you rlife has been SO exciting!!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

It has been a good life thus far! I was really grateful I had the opportunity to gain some "world experience" before I got married/had kids. It's possible to do after, but boy is it a lot harder! (We were going to go to Scotland this year, but baby #2 ruled that out for us...)

Amy said...

The reunion was fun, but there were fewer people than I expected. It was fun to see those that were there and catch up a bit.

Amanda said...

wow, i'm flattered that your visit to see it made it into your highlights. good luck with everything!