Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sweet Land of Liberty

Happy 4th everyone! Dean and I graced the ward breakfast/bike parade/flag ceremony this morning while we let daddy sleep in. Dean enjoyed driving his friend's motorized car, though he couldn't steer properly. After that we did some productive discounted fabric and baby shopping. It was the first baby shopping I've done this time around. I bought 6 outfits for the new little guy, and that's just about all I plan on buying since I can reuse most of Dean's stuff.

This afternoon Matt put together the child sized wooden chair and table set we got at Ikea yesterday. So cute.

For dinner Matt grilled up some polish sausages that we ate on hoagie buns topped with coleslaw. A winning combo! Dean liked the sausage and buns, but decided the coleslaw was too spicy. (His new descriptive word.) He got a little soda (for probably the 3rd time in his life) with dinner. He described that as cold and spicy, but I guess it wasn't too spicy for him since he asked for more when his little cup ran dry!

Tonight we plan on getting Dean out of bed after dark to go set off some of our own fireworks. (I hope he doesn't get too scared tonight or too grumpy tomorrow!) We got some of the cool big fireworks. We just have to find a good county road since it's not allowed within city limits here. Matt's family always shot off their own fireworks on the beach in CA, so he has some fond memories of the 4th.

My appreciation for personal freedoms really took shape as I lived in Communist China in 2001. "You don't know what you got till it's gone." I am grateful for this sweet land of liberty and for the men and women who have given their lives and time to make that liberty possible!


Jacqui said...

Ali's little boy, jake, calls soda's "spicy drinks," and my kids have picked it up. It's a cute term, and quite descriptive of how they feel on one's tongue! :)

Kristeee said...

We got Kate a table & chairs from IKEA for this coming Christmas and got her a little armchair that she loves. Little things are so cute!

marzy dotes said...

Ha ha! I just realized I "stole" your blog title for my fourth of july blog post. oops. Dean is looking so big - what a cutie. You are looking fantastic! I can't believe baby #2 is coming so soon!!!