Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Out of the mouth of Dean

Dean has been narrating our lives recently. He'll say a sentence then tack, "says mom" or "says Walt" at the end of it. "Mom you like to turn the light on, says mom." It has been cracking me up.

He's also been into the book "Are you my mother" and will often say, "Mom, you ARE my mother!" out of the blue and run and give me a hug. Or, "You are HERE for me mom. You ARE here for me!"

His word for binoculars is "nocalators".  He says "it's guy-jantic!" for gigantic. (Yes, a common linguistic occurrence for newbies.) In context: "That was a guy-gantic poopy diaper."

Today as we were washing our car Dean said, "Dean want to water that lovely plant." (Yes, he always refers to himself in 3rd person.) As I was filling up the watering can he said, "Not too much! That quite enough."  Then a couple min. after we came in, he found his tag blanket (which doesn't have hardly any tags left since he's chewed most of them off) and said, "This is Dean's lovely blanket." haha. Not sure where he picked up lovely.

He's really been into "reading" books to himself that he's already memorized. I'll hear him tell the story out loud while he's lying in bed, flipping through the pages. Just barely I heard, "Whooooo. Aaaaaaahhh!!!" and knew he was reading the Bears at Night book. It makes me smile.

He's super good at the wii sports (for a 2 yo). Baseball and tennis are a little rough, but he's quite good at bowling, golf, and boxing.  He almost always gets a KO when he plays against the computer.  The other day at the beach, he came close to my friend Erin and started punching the air in front of her. He stopped and said, "Oh, Dean need a nun chuck!"

Occasionally he'll say something like, "There's quite enough light in here. We can't turn the light on because it costs money."  (Hmmmm...wonder if he's heard that one a time or two. He always wants his light on during nap time, and I make him just open the window shades instead since "we're just wasting energy by turning on lights when we have enough light from the sun".)

"Mom! Stop singing! Please don't sing. Dean can't hear [Dean's game, Dean's show, etc.]." He constantly tells me to stop singing.  He has from the day he could string together the words "no" and "sing." It is starting to get annoying.

If he doesn't want to do something I've asked him to do, he'll usually respond with "no thanks."  "Dean, can you go get some wipes for me?"  "No thanks."

When I ask him why he doesn't like to wear under wear, he says, "Dean don't like to have accidents in Dean's underwear."

"Dean show you!" He is really into showing me how to do (and how not to do) things. It comes in handy when I want him to be reverent during prayers or something.  "Dean, can you show me how we're supposed to act during prayers?"

He is starting to branch out in his prayers at night, and they usually go something like this: "Dear He'nly Father. Gank you for this day, and scriptures, and prayer, and lunch, and books, and brush teeth. In the name..."  It's usually whatever has happened within the last 20 min.

We got a new video camera recently. This is filmed in HD at it's highest resolution and my computer is not quite good enough for it to run smoothly, so I hope it's not too jumpy for your viewing. It's taking forever to load. This is Matt and Dean doing Rockband for our home evening activity.  "Yellow! Dean need yellow!!!" After publishing this, I realized that Blogger compressed it or something because the quality is a lot worse than the original, but it runs smoothly.


Erin S. said...

That nun chuck incident still cracks me up! He is such a cutie! I hope you don't mind that I love your little guys! :) (In a completely non-weird way of course!)

Marzy Dotes said...

Ha ha! He is such a character. I love the "you ARE my mother" bit. How sweet is that.

Th. said...


Samuel haaaaates being sung too. And I have no idea what he's praying about because he's so quiet. So overall, I think Dean's providing better blog fodder. Good boy, that Dean.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Erin, I love that you love them. Dean really was so excited when I told him you were coming over today.

Ah yes, Th. I have to constantly stop and remind him to speak loudly enough that we can hear (since it's usually a family or food prayer that he's giving out loud).

Amanda said...

I remember being floored by the cuteness of him telling me, "I think Dean bit the rockband CD. Yes, it was Dean that bit the rockband CD." HA. I have had my sons to tell me to stop singing too.