Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A moment worth living for

This afternoon after Dean's quiet time and before Walt woke up, Dean and I were in the kitchen with one of my "not quite kid's music that's suitable for kids" mixed CDs on.  We used to dance and dance together before Walt was born, but after my c-section, I couldn't hold Dean for forever and his interest in dancing with me waned after that. But today as we were listening to the music, Dean said, "Mom, please holdge (hold) Dean and dance."  So I picked him up and we danced around in circles until I was literally sick to my stomach.  Then I set him down and we danced some more on our own.  I picked him up again on the song "So glad I'm here". When I started singing to it, to my utter surprise, instead of telling me to stop singing (like he always does), he joined in with me and sang almost every word. I didn't even know he knew the words to that song.

It was the sweetest moment ever to dance with my baby in my arms, singing at the top of his lungs, "I'm so glad I'm here, I'm so glad I'm here, I'm so glad I'm here every day!"

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Laura said...

WOW! Get a video of it if you can! So cute, I bet!