Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family Pics 2010

We just had family pictures taken a couple weeks ago. It was hot (93* when we finished at 9:30am) and past nap time for Walt, so I was happy we got as good of shots as we did. I think it could have been better if the weather had been more favorable. We were seriously wiping sweat off our faces the entire shoot.

It was the first and last time he will wear those shoes.
Last photo of the day.
Not really a keeper, but it's pretty accurate.
cute hug.
Walter is such a snuggler sometimes. Especially when he's feeling shy or tired (both here).
Squishy hug. Not sure he appreciates that one...
Love this one.
It's too bad the best pic of Walter was not the best of the rest of us.
It's too hot! No more pictures please!!!
Get me out of here!
That camera looks very interesting!
Aw sweet. This is so not Matt's style, but it makes for a cute pic.

Not sure I like the new uploading and what not. It makes it more difficult to move pictures around in the post and add real text (as opposed to captions).


Marzy Dotes said...

Aw! These are all very very cute! I would never had guessed it was so hot outside. You all look fantastic. Cute family!!

Lindsay said...

Those turned out so great! Your boys are darling. :)

Th. said...


Nice set of photos.

Lady Steed said...

Oh I LOVE these! They turned out excellently! My nephews are darling. And you and Matt are pretty cute too ;)