Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A funny prayer

Tonight as Dean was praying, he said, "N. E. P. H. I.  That spells Nephi!"  He was looking at Who's Your Hero Vol. 1. (I TOTALLY recommend this and other books in this series if you have a little one. Dean asks me to read him these all the time. The Author lives in Snowflake I believe. My parents know him.) I was cracking up! I'd never heard him really spell something!!

After prayers he asked me to read Nephi for his first book and Abinidi for his second book.  When we read Abinadi he said, "A. B. I. N. A. D. I.  That spells Abindi!"

I know parents often have an inflated idea of their child's abilities, but sometimes I think I have a little genius on my hands!  I just bought "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 easy Lessons" off Amazon. I was going to wait until Christmas(ish) to start with him, but maybe I'll start sooner!

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Marzy Dotes said...

He is pretty smart! We have three books from those series and P LOVES them. He just pours over them. They are by far his favorite books.