Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiffer feffer feff

Yesterday as we got in the car to go to preschool, Dean asked, "Mom, what letter is Dean going to learn about in preschool today?"  I told him it should be the letter F.  He said, "F is for fiddle" and then sang a musical "scale" on "do, do, do", pretending to be the fiddle. (He got that from his vtech abc table he got for Christmas.) I said, "Yes, what else starts with F?"  "Um. Fiffer feffer feff."  Good ol' Dr. Suess. Helping our kids expand their vocabularies. Haha.

Also, when we were at the park a couple days ago, I said, "OK, Dean, choose one or two more things to do and then we're going to go home."  His reply was, "Um. Maybe 23 more things."  Good try buddy. Good try.

Matt got back from a business trip today and had a little treat for Dean.  After he ate his [very messy] push pop, he declared, "Dean likes it when daddy goes away!!"  (Poor kid doesn't get many treats from us "health conscious" parents...) I tried to reason with him that he likes it when daddy comes home, since that's when he brings his treats back, but he just repeated, "No, Dean likes it when daddy goes away."

Here's a video of him "reading" Bears in the Night a couple weeks ago. He does the dramatic voices, so you may not be able to hear him when he whispers certain phrases. This makes me smile every time I see it.

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