Friday, September 24, 2010

My little drunken sailor

I no longer have a baby. Walter is a toddler! And he toddles all over the place like a little drunken sailor. He has been walking exclusively for a couple weeks now, but my computer can't handle the videos from our new video camera, so I haven't posted much about it yet. I'm actually posting this from Matt's computer while he's otherwise engaged.

Walter is opinionated, and knows where he wants to go and what he wants to do, and he does not feel compelled to wait for me. When I'm trying to change his diaper, he wriggles away, gets up, and RUNS with a wicked laugh as far away from me as he can get. When we are at the park, I have to watch him closely because he just wanders wherever he thinks looks interesting. Definitely an independent boy!  When we picked up dad today, Dean said, "Dad, Walt is an escapee boy."  Haha. My biggest concern is that he'll walk into a fire ant hill since they don't take care of them that well at the parks here. 

He loves making noises right now.  He clicks his tongue, makes chomping noises for emphasis while eating, and points and jabbers for whatever he wants (usually anything up high) if he doesn't have a word for it. We've been working on animal sounds and he likes to growl like a bear, roar like a lion, pant like a dog, and "who" like an owl.  His vocabulary now consists of: mom, dad, up, no (probably his second fav., right behind mom), more (sounds like mo), milk (sounds like a drawn out "miii"), on, and night night (usually accompanied by a wave. He uses this for goodbye as well). 

Here's a video of him walking and playing in the mud/rain we had during the tornado rains a couple weeks ago.

And here's another video of him helping me rearrange our bookshelf.

Arg. It won't let me load the one that showcases his walking skills.

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