Thursday, September 09, 2010

Boy have I been busy!!

I have been crazy busy lately. Firstly, I've been painting (priming and 2 coats!) and rearranging my living room (and consequently rearranging other rooms since I moved some things out). I have one more wall to go (have to move the piano and hutch first and I need extra men for that one), and I have to do the window sills and some ceiling touch up where we had to fix some bubbles. I'll post before and after pics when I'm done. I like the new layout (thanks to my interior designer friend Erin) a lot, and I like the paint color a lot. Unfortunately we've decided we're too tight on funds right now to get new window treatments, so instead of a cream curtain with a bright blue splash, we'll keep our orange curtains. I hope I can find a way to give them a new look for on the cheap.

In my "spare time" I've been working on getting our preschool started. I've headed up a co-op with some girls in our ward. There are 4 of us, so we're each taking a week and hosting the kids at our house on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We'll have a letter, but after that the teacher is the one to come up with the activities for the day.  This was the first week and I was the teacher. It was a tiring 2 hours each day (SOOOO glad we decided on 2 and not 3!), but I felt good about all we did and the kids seemed to have fun. Dean really struggled the first day since he wasn't used to people sharing his things and his house, but today he did really well. Visit the craft blog for the A day and the B day play-by-play.

Oh, I also went to the RS recipe exchange on Tues. this week and the theme was bread. I had a hard time choosing which of my breads to take, but in the end I brought pitas and homemade roasted red pepper hummus. Here is a post with my favorites from the night. It was fun! October is going to be Halloween treats and November I'll be demonstrating pie crusts/pies.  I feel like I make a pretty darn good crust. I've made a lot of kinds, and feel I have a winner. It seems like crust is something many people are afraid of, so I hope to help on that.

Oh, it rained TONS here this week. We had lots of tornado warnings. Walter and Dean love to play in the rain. Here is the result of one of the days.

Since school started again, I've been running with my friend Kirstin in the mornings. Running is so much more enjoyable with a friend! The weather has been pretty junky. Super hot and humid. But we've had a few days that have given me hope for fall.

Still no new piano students, but at the moment I'm am ok with that! 


Lindsay said...

You have been busy! There is something about this time of year that keeps me on my toes, too. And, mmm....roasted red pepper hummus. My favorite.

Amanda said...

OK, you asked for I and J ideas. We try to keep all of our vowels with the short sound, so that makes it harder. We do a lot of measuring and talking about inches, make a letter "I" out of copies of rulers, sing Itsy Bitsy spider, and do a lot of stuff about imagination. If you are doing the long I sound you could throw in activities with ice and make homemade ice cream.

J is much easier. We make homemade juice with different kinds of juicers, have a jelly bean tasting activity with Jelly Bellies, glue jewels on lots of stuff and hide J items in people's jacket pockets. We also do it during Halloween season and do a lot with Jack-o-lanterns. Another easy activity is to get a candlestick and let the kids taking turns jumping over it while you say, "Jack Be Nimble." You can also do jumping songs (Raffi's "Shake the sillies out"), jump over the jump rope that you move like a snake, make Jell-O jigglers, juggle, make anything out of milk jugs or jars, have a jungle theme....anyway, J is one of my favorites.

Good luck. I will check the plan book (my friend keeps it at the preschool) and see if there is anything really good that I am forgetting.

PS I loved your acorn texture box. It is amazing how long kids stay interested in things like that.

Erin S. said...

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus? Is that a variation of the recipe you already gave me? I hope you'll share! Sounds lilke the kids are having fun though!!