Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Dean's going to be baptized when Dean's 3"

Last night we read 2 verses out of 1 Nephi for our family scripture study. They were about Jesus being baptized.  Dean asked what it meant to be baptized. I told him when we're baptized we promise Heavenly Father we'll keep his commandments and try to be like Jesus.  I said that when he's 8 years old, someone with priesthood authority, most likely daddy, will dip him all the way under the water and say a prayer and then he'll come back up again, baptized.  He was very concerned about the going under water bit and quickly said, "Dean don't want to be baptized. Dean don't want to get water in Dean's eyes!" I assured him that if he closed his eyes tight he would be just fine.

This morning on our run, we stopped to say hi to a friend, and immediately Dean told her, "Dean's going to be baptized when Dean's 3!" I had to laugh to myself about his enthusiastic exclamation, especially since she's not LDS and may not know about our baptismal practices and that we don't baptize anyone till age 8. I thought it was adorable, though, that he had apparently been thinking about it since last night. I love that he feels compelled to teach/tell anyone anything that he knows.

I just love that kid.

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