Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Walt's 2 month

We went to Walt's 2 month check up. It was very interesting to listen to the receptionists answer the phone as I was waiting to be seen. Almost every call was about flu shots or swine flu shots. Apparently because the government's been hitting swine flu vaccines so hard, they put the production of regular flu shots on hold so there's a major shortage. That seems pretty silly to me.

First of all, his stats were through the roof. She was totally shocked. Since birth he's doubled his weight (which she says doesn't normally happen till about 6 mo.) putting him in the 95% at 15 lbs. even. He's grown 3 1/2 inches and is now in the 80% at 24 in. long. His head circumference concerned her a little. I didn't write down what it was at birth, but it is now 16 in. (62%). Apparently it grew faster than it should. She wasn't too worried since his soft spot was not bulging from fluid and because I told her large heads are common in Matt's family. Plus his body's grown so much he'd look mighty funny with a tiny head on a huge body! I'm not concerned.

His stats are very similar to Dean's 2 month. He's 2 lbs heavier and 1/2 an inch shorter than Dean was. Pretty sure their heads were the same. Dean was at the top of the charts till 6 months and then he started thinning out and his growth slowed way down. It'll be interesting to see if Walt does the same.

A few anomalies: He has a herniated belly button, but she said they don't really worry about that till about 4 years since it often corrects itself. His urological issue has been resolved, but there is possibly some fluid there that shouldn't be. We just have to watch out and make sure he doesn't get a hernia down in his groin area. He favors one side of his head so we have to stretch his neck and try and get him on his tummy more to make sure he doesn't get a flat spot that would require a helmet. "Other than that he is perfect." (My doc.'s favorite phrase.)

He got his shots and has been a little fussier than normal, poor guy.

He's the perfect baby for me right now. He's pretty darned content the majority of the day if he has a full belly and enough sleep. I think Heavenly Father knew I needed a little break if I was going to have more kids! He's been cooing and occasionally gives us a little smile. His longest sleep stretch has been about 6 or 7 hours. Last night he slept from 7-midnight and then 12-4:45. That was pretty nice. He then slept until about 6:15, but I just pulled him in bed with me and got him to go back to sleep until 7:45. Not that I got to sleep in that late since Dean was up around 7. Anyway, I think he's just darling.

(He's sporting a 9 mo. outfit in these pictures!)


-Laura- said...

I just love those cheeks!

Lindsay said...

I think that Caleb might also have a herniated belly button. I've been noticing lately that it just sticks out weird, and though it hasn't been checked by a doctor yet, after you mentioned Walt's, I looked up information about them online, and I'm pretty sure that's what it is, and I'll for sure be mentioning it to his doctor at his next check up in a couple weeks. It sounds like nothing to worry too much about, thank goodness, but still. It's very weird.

Walt is a cutie. I'm glad he's a good, calm baby for you. I wish Caleb was the same for me. Good heavens, that boy can wear me out with all his crying and needing to be carried around and bounced! (I still love him like crazy, though.)

marzy dotes said...

What a cutie! I love the chubby ones. Mommy makes some good milk! :)

holly said...

Walt it so cute. It makes me excited for my baby to come. You should definately post more on how the cloth diapering works out. Whether you think it's worth it or not.

Juls said...

Emma had her 6 month check yesterday and these are her stats:

Lenght 26 inches
Weight 15.6 pounds

David and Sarah both doubled their birth weight by 2 months. At 6 months David was 21 pounds. I really think they come with their own agenda!!! I didn't give them different milk.

Danielle said...

I wouldnt worry about the belly button thing, that happens a lot actually, my neice had the same problem..hers was very bad! she is three now and it is perfectly fine!

Sarah Pace said...

I can't believe he is already 2 months!! that went by fast!