Sunday, September 06, 2009

Dear Cousin Large S

Dear Large S,

My mom said you asked for more videos of me, so here are a few.

This is me going to bed.

This is my shape clock.

I'm singing my ABC's all by myself.

This is my new vacuum my mom got at a yard sale. The batteries fall out a lot since it's missing the battery cover, but I love vacuuming anyway. It's right up there with mowing the lawn and fixing things with my tools.

This is me dancing to the music on my mom's computer before bed.

Sincerely, your cousin Dean


CASSIE said...

He really is VERY smart!! Makes me feel guilty I haven't worked as much with Ranan as I did with Jada...(you'll see.) I LOVE the shape, number, clock! I totally want that! Where did you get it?

Th. said...


S was so excited to see the videos that he couldn't hear me reading the letter over his yelling "Dean! Dean! Dean!" So we just watched them.

I love the dancing best.

He's singing his ABCs now in solidarity.

Large S: Baseball game. Baseball. (I'm not sure where he's going with this.) Picture of baseball. Picture of baseball.

Big O: I forgot what I was going to say.

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Cass, thanks! I TOTALLY can see how it would be harder to teach the second everything you taught the first. As for the clock, I got it at Carters, but it's a Melissa and Doug toy, so I'm sure you could get it on Amazon.

Th. I'm glad they enjoyed the videos. Now that you have an awesome new camera, you need to start posting some vids and pics of the kids (in a private blog maybe?) so that Dean can know his cousins...

Lois said...

Love the dancing! What? He can't say parallelogram? haha.