Monday, September 28, 2009

Cloth in action

Yesterday when I had Walt in cloth, Dean was a bit jealous that he had on an orange diaper. (Orange is his favorite color.) I told Dean I'd let him try it out today. He hated cloth the last time we tried, but he seemed just fine with these. I don' t know if it was the fact that he had to have what Walt had, or if it was more comfortable than the others, or both. I really WOULD save money if I got diapers they could BOTH use!! Definitely makes me consider it more seriously. After seeing how they fit on Dean, I decided Walt could wear them clipped down once. Isn't it amazing how cloth diapering has evolved?


Stephanie said...

These pictures with Walt next to Dean really shows just how big Walt is! Wow! Hope cloth works out for you.

Kristeee said...

Those are totally cute. I'm interested to see how you like them after giving them a real trial run. That's really nice that the lady's close enough to try them.

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

I can't believe how much Walt looks like Dean now that he's grown a bit... at birth, they looked so different!

Those cloth diapers kind of make me want to try it. I'd do it for the environment and the cost, both of which might never be more important than going through the process of cleaning the cloth ones. :)