Friday, September 18, 2009


I love that I am understanding more and more of what Dean has to say. It often surprises me what comes out of his mouth. He's started talking about things that happened months ago that he just now has words for.

Last week he started saying, "Airport. Airplane. Daddy trip." The last time Matt flew was in early July! (Though he's traveling again for work pretty soon. Blech.)

Another thing that surprised me was when he started talking about donuts. "More donuts." He even correctly identified a donut shop we've purchased from while driving by! We haven't gotten donuts since Easter when I was doing Messiah practices on Saturday mornings!

The first thing he told me this morning was, "Go friend's house. Ring her doorbell. Susie's Car." HA! He loooooves all of Susie's toys, most of all her car that someone pushes from behind.

And today he told me he needed to go to the bathroom. Without me prompting or asking him! Just out of the blue he said he needed to go. It wasn't a really convenient time since I was nursing Walt and trying to get Dean down for a nap, but I decided to try anyway. (Usually he just plays around in the bathroom and maybe gets a little dribble out since he often asks to go to the bathroom after he's gone in his diaper.) Anyway, he actually pooped on the potty again (this is his second time)! Woohoo. And after we got his diaper on again, he told me he needed to pee. I thought he was just stalling since he didn't want to go down for his nap. I was hesitant since we had just spent 10 min. in the bathroom, but I let him try anyway. And he peed a lot! So, yay for him telling me, and yay for me believing him and actually letting him go.

Oh, and he's in a parroting stage which can be pretty funny. (Though I have to watch out what I say!) Yesterday at the store he was trying to stand up in the cart and I told him to sit his booty on down. He then sat down and said, "Sit booty on down." It sounded so funny coming from his lips.

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