Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love my job

Today was one of those days I just spent marveling at and enjoying the sounds and movements of my boys. I didn't feel stressed about getting my house clean, getting anything done, or any of those other practical things. I just enjoyed my kids and the things they do.

Dean was trying so hard to be a good and kind big brother today. He loves to "hold" Walt, and he's getting to be very gentle when helping Walt with his pacifier. I love that I understood everything he said today. He's getting to be a great communicator and it's so interesting to hear what he thinks about. I love his little voice and little face. I love when he says, "kiss it!" when he has an owie. He can play in the front of the car for hours at a time and protests every time I make him come in. He loves helping me cook, though that can be a little scary. The "chicken" (how he says kitchen) is a dangerous place! If we could go visit friends every day he would be in heaven. He's very adventurous and somewhat accident prone, so he has bruises and cuts all up and down his legs and arms. I hope no one turns me into social services! Last night he woke up with a fever and was up for about 2 1/2 hours because he thought it was morning. I eventually let him sleep in the toddler bed rather than his crib. I realized he was not going to go back to sleep with me in the room since he just wanted to tell me all about how daddy slept in his room on the floor with his flashlight (Matt went in first), etc. so I left him to cry. Luckily that only lasted another 10 min. or so. He slept in about 1/2 hour later than normal and since he wasn't in his crib, he just showed up in our room (rather than calling out for chocolate milk in his crib) when he woke up. It was very cute.

Walt continues to be a little champ. He's getting so big. Already 12 lbs and he seems so long! Right on track to being double his birth weight by his 2 month check up. He's starting to have a somewhat predictable sleep pattern. He goes to bed "for the night" around 8 and will sleep for 3-5 hours. After that he wakes up once or twice before 7. He's usually up from 7 am-8 or 9 and then sleeps a couple more hours and has a few more naps. He's been very portable and is generally content. He's still very grunty and noisy, but he doesn't cry that much. He is a little poop machine!! I'm once again considering cloth for him (at least for the first couple months while he's exclusively breast fed) since I go through diapers so darned fast. He's had a few moments where I swear he's had real smiles. So far he's been Dean's complete opposite in temperament and behavior.

It's a real adventure being a mom. I love it. I am so grateful we were able to overcome our fertility issues to have these two little guys. And though I am now consigned to having c-sections the rest of my child bearing years, I am sure we'll have more. It's tiring and trying at times; I rarely get a true "day of rest"; I get pooped on, peed on, thrown up on, and bled on, but it is so worth it.

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