Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"He looks just like..."

The last two years I have heard "Dean looks JUST like his dad!" over and over and over again. I have to admit that it occasionally irritates me when people say this, mainly because I hear it all the time. Plus, didn't I contribute anything to the kid? Ok, ok. I'll admit that Dean does look more like Matt.

Well, when Walt came out he definitely looked more like my family's newborn babies than Dean did, and I thought for sure people would take note of that fact. But from the moment I took him in public, I started hearing it all over again. "He looks JUST like Dean." or "He looks JUST like his dad!" Even at my 6 week apt. with my OB-GYN, the nurse who had never met Matt said, "He must look JUST like his daddy." Wha???? I have only had 2 people tell me that Walt looks more like me than Matt or Dean. Matt said it's just because he's a boy and to wait for a girl.

At 2 weeks I don't think they look very similar.

Walt is acutally only about 6 weeks in this picture, but Dean is 3 mo. When I saw this look on Walt's face it immediately reminded me of this pic. of Dean. It was the first time I thought, "hu. I guess they look kinda similar."

The boys are both about 2 mo. here. The older/chubbier Walt gets, the more they look like brothers to me.

So, while I think they look like brothers, I definitely don't think they're carbon copies of each other (or of Matt).


Lindsay said...

I get this all the time with my boys, too. Garrett "looks just like his dad", and more and more Caleb "looks just like Garrett." I realize that their more prominent features do resemble Blake's (well, except for Garrett's hair), but I know that my genetics are hidden in there somewhere, and it'd be nice for that to be noticed more often. Maybe our boys will look more like us as they get older.

randa_joy said...

I get this with my GIRLS. I thought once Addie got more hair they'd say she looks like her mom but NOPE, "She looks JUST like her daddy!"

Stephanie said...

While your boys do look a lot like Matt, I can definitely can see some Celia in them as well. Cute boys!