Friday, May 22, 2009

Reveling in the Sweetness

The other day I walked into the kitchen looking for Dean and what did I see? His little hand poking through the cat door in our laundry room. He'd shut himself in there and was happy as could be swinging the door in and out. When he noticed I was there he tried to poke his head through to say hi, but he couldn't quite make it (thank heavens!).

All week he has been begging to go to the "Bop...duckie" (Town Lake Park where there are ducks). We finally went today, and he was very happy. I, on the other hand, was a bit freaked out feeding the massive horde of birds. There is one spot where the majority congregate waiting for food. It would not be so scary if the geese were not there honking and running toward you! After I dispersed most of my bread I hurried away, slightly panicking at the gaggle following me. He kept asking for more duckies, so we found two ducks off on their own and fed them the rest of the bread (well, at least the bread that Dean didn't eat).

He's been obssessed with the letter R recenlty. Everytime he sees one on a book cover or on a sign he goes crazy for it. When I sing the ABC's, he just says "r" over and over until I get to it in the song.

Dean told me "gank gew" (unprompted I might add) all day for just about everything I did for him or when I gave him something he wanted. It was melting my little heart!

He loves, loves, loves playing in the sink. As I was making dinner, he pushed a chair over to the sink and turned on the water. He got a glass cup off the drying rack and filled it himself and drank it quite well! I was impressed with how well he did.

Tonight at bed we were reading books. One of them ends with "good night!" and I quickly slammed the book shut after saying it. He DIED laughing. He kept asking for more so I did it over and over until he was almost to the point of tears. I knew I was riling him up a bit when he should have been winding down, but it was just too hilarious to pass up! Sure enough, I heard him talk to himself for nearly a half an hour. He was quiet for about 15 min. and then I quietly heard humming coming from his room! That only lasted a few minutes and then all was quiet, but it was so sweet to hear.

Sometimes I am just purely amazed at how much I love him, how big he's getting, and how much he learns every day.


Lois said...

What a cutie pie. And Great Grandma Hunt commented to me that Dean is one of the sweetest, cutest kids on the planet. And not a bit camera shy! Mom

Laura said...

I can't avoid those "night-time giggle moments" either. It's just such a wonderful sound when the kids laugh so hard at something so easy to do. What a fun boy!