Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Alexander Day

We all have them. Those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Poor little Dean had one today (and I was pretty close to having one myself). He woke up pretty grouchy, despite his 12 hours of sleep. I woke up very tired because of my 5 hours of sleep.

When I was taking my shower, he dumped out half of my 32 oz. water bottle on the carpet by my bed.

When I was making his lunch for nursery, he climbed onto a chair. He was standing up, hanging onto the back of the chair; he started shaking the back of it, and it tipped over. He and I screamed simultaneously and Matt shot out of bed to see what had happened. His fingers were crushed under the chair. We started examining him, trying to get him to wiggle his fingers to make sure nothing was broken. He was crying pretty hard. We finally saw one hand move all the fingers, but his pinkie wasn't moving on the other hand. It was then that I noticed his mouth was bloody. He cut the inside of his lower lip with his teeth. After we stopped that bleeding, we saw his pinkie move, so all was ok and no medical attention was necessary.

We were only a few minutes late to church, but he was CRAZY during sacrament meeting. Immediately upon entering the chapel overflow he saw a boy a couple months older than him and started slapping at his face and ears. During the meeting he ended up climbing up the stairs to the front twice. He kept running out into the foyer to try and play with the water fountain and tear down the poster board advertising a Testament video night presented by the missionaries. He was all over the place!

It was train and car day in nursery. That's when they only pull out the trains and cars for the kids to play with during the first hour. They're my least favorite of the toys there because they do not hold Dean's attention for more than about 2 minutes! He was very clingy and cried on and off that first hour, despite the fact that I was still in the room. I was feeling pretty exhausted, a little sick, and very overwhelmed at this point, so I had to dab away tears during that hour. I snuck out during lunch/snack time to go to R.S.

At the beginning of Relief Society some friends asked how I was doing and I started BAWLING and just blabbered on about how tired I was and how exhausting of a day it had already been and it was only 12:30! It was a good lesson, though, and a nice break.

Dean was bawling when I got to nursery. He always starts crying when other kids get picked up before him. (Need I remind you that Matt is one of the nursery leaders?? It's not like he's in there with no parent. And I go immediately after R.S.) I started crying again when a friend (who was picking up her child in nursery) told me I could drop him off at her place if I ever needed a break. I told her that was nice, but it didn't seem plausible since he can't even make it through an hour of nursery with Matt in there without crying. So there we were, the two of us cry babies together, and we headed for home. Luckily Matt was driving.

He only took an hour nap though I know he was exhausted. I only took about a half hour nap even though I was exhausted.

He was pretty grouchy and touchy the rest of the day. I could tell his mouth was still hurting him a bit so we gave him some tylenol and I put orajel on his lip. That helped a little.

I was pretty happy when bed time rolled around.


Ash said...

Sorry you had such a stinky day! Hope that Dean wakes up happy and you got lots of rest last night:)

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

What a day... I know someone that fell like that in a chair and it cut one of her fingertips off, so good to know Dean was okay. Ugh, makes me cringe.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry for your "terrible, horrible" day. If it helps at all, we have our days like that too.