Sunday, May 03, 2009

[Cr/H]appy 6th Anniversary

Well, last year I'd hoped we'd be in Scotland today for our "every other year anniversary trip". We're not in Scotland since I'm 6 mo. pregnant. It feels like we're in Miseryland though. Ok, not really Miseryland. Just plain sick.

Dean didn't throw up at all yesterday and I probably gave him too many hugs and kisses (silly mommy!), so here I am puking and nauseous today. No church for us. We settled for listening to a conference talk online.

Stomach Flu + pregnant and starving+ full time mom + anniversary= no fun.

Dean and Matt are on the mend, so that's good. Dean's been able to keep down food today. The swelling in Matt's foot is going down. He still can't put on his shoes, though, because of the horrible blister where the bite is.

We canceled our anniversary date last night and there's no way I'll be able to cook/eat our anniversary dinner tonight. Ah well. Such is life. At least it's not giardia in Guatemala like our 2nd anniversary! That was worse, I must say.

Weird to think we've lived here in TX in this house for half of our married lives! I hear my little guy waking up from a nap. Duty calls even if I don't feel like answering!


-Laura- said...

Oh no!!! I am SOOOO sorry Celia. I can totally relate. Stomach bugs while being pregnant are the worst! (And no fun it's on your anniversary.) I hope you are on the mend soon and you can celebrate next weekend!

Lindsay said...

So sorry you're sick! And at what a crummy time, too. Feel better soon, and the go celebrate extra hard to make up for it.

Erin S. said...

Oh no! I was hoping Dean wouldn't share that with you! I hope it passes soon! Let me know if you need anything!

Kristeee said...

Happy anniversary! And I hope that you all can feel better soon. Then you can really party. You know, as much as you can party at 6 months pregnant. :)

Sarah Pace said...

Happy aniversary!!! It seems like whenever matt and i try to leave town one of ours, usually hailey gets sick right before and its hard to leave. just make an extra special night when everyone starts feeling better!