Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day deliciousness

When Matt asked what I wanted for dinner on Mother's day, I told him he could make anything but Mac n' Cheese from a box! I was very happy when he said he was going to make habichuelas con arroz y tostones. It's Puertorican/Dominican red bean and rice dish with smashed and fried plantains on the side. He had it often on his mission in Philadelphia (he was Spanish speaking and there were many Puertoricans and Domincans there). When we lived in UT he made habichuelas every so often, but I don't think he's made it here in TX. I don't generally make it because he makes it much better than I do. I haven't felt much like eating meat recently, so this really hit the spot.

Boy was it good!!! I'd never had the tostones; they were good despite the fact that the plantain was slightly under ripe. (We'd never bought one, so we didn't quite know what to look for. Now we know.)

Here's a picture of Matt's plate (He couldn't finish it all. We both had eyes bigger than our stomachs!) It really was tasty and I've eaten it for lunch the last two days.

Church was good. Dean was mostly good during Sacrament meeting, but at one point he kept trying to bite my leg, so Matt took him out. That meant I got to actually listen to the speakers! He integrated so nicely in nursery I only stayed about 15 min. and snuck out to sunday school. I later found out that while he didn't notice I'd left immediately, he clung to Matt and stopped playing like he had been when he realised I was gone. Baby steps. I got to stay for all of Relief Society, so I felt like I almost had a full 3 hours of church! It was a good Mother's day.

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Kristeee said...

Nice! That looks like a tasty meal. I got the BlueEyes special: beef-flavored rice-a-roni with hamburger mixed in, with a side of corn. Yummy, but definitely nothing classy. :) (He went to Wendy's a lot before we got married.)

And hooray for Nursery! We have 6 more crazy Sundays to go.