Friday, May 01, 2009

Can't...stop...(just yet at least)

I have always gone through cycles of enjoyment and fulfillment. I'll hit something with all my energy and then in weeks, months or years I'll get bored and feel the need to conquor/learn something else. When I feel sufficient time has passed, I'll often return to my old hobbies and start cycles all over.

Last year scrapping was one of my hobbies. Then I splurged and bought lots of paper and shortly after I lost interest and switched to sewing. I've been sewing quite a bit (for one who had no previous knowledge of sewing) since Christmas. Books, bags, wrap blankets, clothing, etc. Recently I splurged on materials for skirts I wanted to make. I got to the last one, nearly finished, and have felt unmotivated the past few weeks to complete it. I'm a little worried I won't find enough motivation to finish it in time to wear it this pregnancy!!!

All I've wanted to do recently is read. Matt savors his books and reads only a little every night to stretch them out. Most of my life I've devoured books, finishing them in a day or two, regardless of length, if I got caught up in them. I have tried to switch to Matt's system after having Dean since it's not really practical to read all day long with a toddler running around needing attention. I did really well stretching out the Anne of Green Gables series. Then this week I read Fablehaven in 2 days (the first book, the rest were all checked out) and Emily of New Moon in about 3 days I think. I couldn't put them down in my "spare moments" (i.e. Dean's naps and evenings after dinner was cooked and at least mostly cleaned up). TV and the computer haven't held much interest for me. Much of the housework suffered because of it. Not horribly. Just enough for me to notice really.

I just finished Emily of New Moon. Maybe I can finally convince myself to finish that skirt that's been haunting my sewing table.

Or maybe I'll just go check out the other books in the two series tomorrow (if they're in) and continue to take a little break from life. Sometimes little breaks are nice. Even if they're not productive.


marzy dotes said...

I feel the same way too. And at the moment I have finally got back into reading like I did when I was younger and single and had more time to read. I can tell my craftiness has dwindled a little bit. You have to join Goodreads
so you can share books with your friends and you can see what they are reading. I have really enjoyed it.

Kristeee said...

I go in hobby spurts, too. The husband therefore won't let me buy expensive things before I prove that I really will stick with something and not just do it in spurts. I got my piano, but I don't have a jigsaw or a fancy camera or a handful of other things I've wanted to try out. Thankfully books aren't too expensive. :)

Th. said...


Define productive. Recreation is necessary. It's even in the proclamation. And, as I like to point out, it's re-creation.

-Laura- said...

I do that too. Keeps life interesting, right? :) I love Emily of New Moon!!! I actually liked those books better than the Anne of Green Gables series. I have all three books if they aren't at the library.

Lindsay said...

I go in phases, too, and they just seem to cycle through and repeat themselves: reading, sewing, cooking, etc. Right now I'm on a big spring cleaning kick, which is seriously consuming my life. All I care to do these days is weed through our stuff so I can toss a bunch of it. I'm sure that part of this was motivated by the baby and the dire need to make room for him, but I seem to have taken it about 20 steps further than just making room for the baby. It's been exhausting, really, but the sense of fulfillment I get when I finish a self-imposed task (especially when it involves getting rid of stuff) is indescribably rewarding.

leethie said...

I am like you with the reading habit. If its a novel I have a hard time not rushing through it to find out what happens. I can read nonfiction much slower. I'm on goodreads, too if you do join, I'd love to see what you're reading! :)

Brian & Veronica said...

thank. you. i agree. my problem is i take too many breaks. i get overwhelmed pretty easy and i have a REALLY hard time staying devoted to something i thought i was obsessed with. SO many unfinished projects over here. one day, maybe i'll pick up and take care of business instead of take another break. . . maybe.