Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wording my thoughts

For journaling's sake I figure I ought to record my thoughts on the history that's in the making.

On the first black president:
This is a great milestone. It's pretty awesome. I honestly thought (and would have preferred) it to be Colin Powell, though. However, I have been a little frustrated with the media, in regards to race this election. They kept asking people if they knew people not voting for him because he's black. They never once asked voters if they knew people voting for him just because he's black. I mean, I don't know how much it really affected the outcome, I just found it a little frustrating.

I think it would have been more interesting for me to see Colin Powell run as the Republican nominee and Hilary Clinton to run as the Democrat nominee. I think then we'd really see how much race matters since the African American population is predominantly democrat.

I hope that it all works out. I'm not concerned about his blackness one bit. I am more concerned about his socialistic tendencies. I am a pretty staunch capitalist. I know there are a lot of people in America that think that capitalism isn't working and that it keeps rich people rich and poor people poor. I am constantly amazed at how different I view life and the American way than a lot of people. One particular thing that made me shudder when I read it was (from one of Matt's friends), "I think there is nationwide agreement that our federal government should provide some benefits, some programs for us — programs that you could call "Socialistic." And that we should impose taxes on ourselves to provide these benefits or programs or whatever." The last line really got to me. Plus, all the shoulds and oughts of government...too much burocracy and too many loopholes exist that government slows down a lot of progress if they're involved. The uber rich and educated know the loopholes and it's the regular person that gets screwed.

Also, I hate the "How many plumbers do you know that make $250K?" line. It doesn't matter what they do. If they worked hard for their money, they shouldn't have to give 50% of it to the government to then redistribute in health care or whatever else.

On the government's role in my life:
I believe the government should protect and defend our lives, liberties, pursuits, not provide them. They should balance the budget and set a good example for not living beyond your means. I am really scared that the rising generation feels very entitled to the amenities of life and have no idea about their responsibility in obtaining those amenities. That's partially due to parents just giving their children everything without ever requiring them to work. It's also partially due to the government telling people that they deserve a house even when they can't afford to pay the mortgage.

On the Triple D Threat:
I wouldn't be quite so worried about Obama's governmental views if he didn't have a Democrat House and Senate in his pocket. There's a whole lot more chance for changes with this set up. Some say it's about time. I say, I hope it turns out ok.

On guns:
Last night on the news we heard that guns sales surged yesterday. At first I wasn't sure why. Then I thought about it...oh yeah, Dem.s are usually opposed to the second amendment and the peoples' right to bear arms. Matt said he'd actually been thinking about getting some guns before anything too drastic occurs.

On propositions:
So, we didn't have any propositions to vote on here. It's pretty amazing that the props in AZ, FL, and CA all passed to ban gay marriages. Conservatives sighing in relief. Gay activists protesting at the LA temple. Ok people. Lets be honest here. Mormons aren't the only people who voted for prop. 8. I highly doubt that we make up 52% of CA's voting population.

I'm pretty disappointed that prop. 4 in CA failed. I didn't really hear much about it leading up to the election (probably because prop. 8 dominated), but it's really crazy to me. Basically, prop. 4 would require minors to tell their parents 48 hours in advance that they'd be getting an abortion. It wasn't even getting permission. It was just informing them. I can't believe that kids need parent permission to take a sex ed. class in CA, but they can abort an unborn child without their parents even knowing. Sick and wrong.

On parties
I wish there was an overhaul in political parties. Why is it that Republicans are always put down about education? I value education a lot. Most of the Republicans I know do too.

I think that John Stossel was right that some people really shouldn't vote. Uninformed voters really should not vote. We could take a little test before voting. Who is the current president and vice president? Who currently has majority in the senate? In the house? How many states are in the US? Nothing difficult. Just basic stuff. If they don't pass the test, their votes shouldn't count...

On the electoral college
Now, I know there are reasons for it, but I've yet to be convinced that we need an electoral college any more. I think it should be straight popular vote. Everyone should be required to go electronic for sake of ease and accuracy of calculations.


Carrie LaHaie said...

Amen!!! You have just written EVERY thought that I have been thinking this last couple of days! (you know what they say about great minds!!) I know a lot of people are excited about "Change", but the idea of all components of our gov't being ran by Democrats does make me a little nervous. Ok, we are a military family, VERY NERVOUS! (Who knows when we'll see a pay raise and I would like to think that my hubby will be deploying (in January) with adequate armor and weapon systems. Lets see how quick Obama cuts the military budget) And what happens with some Chief justice's retire and its time to appoint a new judge? Partial birth abortions? I have just been relying on God. He is sovereign! The King of Kings...Lean not on your own understanding.

Ali Seaman said...

So, I must say this was interesting for me to read. I liked it. Thanks.

Mormons were NOT the whole 52%--or course not. In fact, most African Americans are against gay marriages, and I think that vote made all the difference. Since they came out to vote for Obama, they also voted YES on prop. 8. An interesting twist, I think. But yes, Mormons had a big impact on the campaign--the man power, the funding, etc. It was NOT asked of us IN CHURCH to donate. It was not a "if you are not for Prop. 8, you will be disfellowshipped" or anything, but the Church leaders were pretty darn strong on it.

OK, enough on that. I am all for capitalism. I think if a person seizes opportunities s/he can move ahead in life. Why should a hard-working capitalist be required to spread the wealth? What I mean is, take out the competition and many get lazy and feel more entitled to everyone else's money and there is little drive to accomplish anything. Also, if I work hard and earn a lot of money, I am not opposed at all to giving to a good cause. But let ME choose the cause and the outlet and assure that my money is being used for good.

These are my immediate, and not necessarily thought-out, thoughts for now. Thanks for making me think. Socialism is scary, especially for a health care professional!

Ali Seaman said...

I want to rephrase: Why should a hard-working capitalist be required to spread the wealth in exactly the manner that the GOV'T chooses...

Erin said...

I agree on all counts. I especially like your "voter's test". Although I'm not happy or proud of it, I have lost a lot of respect for people based upon their voting decisions.

I'm seriously struggling. Our county has some of the highest property and income taxes in the nation. Throw in the skyrocketing cost of living and it's impossible to get ahead. I've heard reports that Congress wants to freeze all raises and bonuses for Wall Street, no matter what the performance. How is that fair? My husband worked full time, surviving on plain spaghetti noodles to put himself through school. He then worked hard to be a good employee and get where he is. Taking from the rich to give to the poor not only gives people less incentive to work hard but it also destroys the dreams of the middle-class majority.

I'm really trying to have faith, and do the best I can with what I can control. But, it's very hard, especially when I've lost a lot of faith in my fellow voters.

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Oh, P.S. - I also brought up the issue of buying a gun to Spencer last night. I'm really thinking it's a good idea.

randa_joy said...

I love you and your muy big brain! (The reason I think it's big is because it agrees with mine!)
Totally agree with the voter test. It's not even a joke.
My husband has been threatening to buy more guns ever since O was the Dem. nom. He hasn't yet.
I also firmly believe that many people voted for him because he is black and not in spite of him being black, simply because they wanted to be part of history, which is part of the reason M chose P. IMHO
The whole thing makes no sense to me. McCain is quite moderate, as far as my standards go and Obama is so far left... I'm still shaking my head and want a do-over. Trying to get over it. Things like this don't help:

J D C and N Hopewell said...

Oh Celia thank you! You said everything that I didn't! It's more than scary to think about what might happen in our country in the next four years. And at least the Senate doesn't have a filibuster proof majority, but it is still disappointing that both the Senate and House are Democrat majority. Ugh.

And if people think outside of the corporate America bubble, they would realize that many small business owners can make $250K a year pretty easily BUT their take home pay is probably average like $30-50K after all operating expenses, payroll, etc. But according to Obama those people are rich and must be in a higher tax bracket. His type of taxation will KILL small businesses and destroy jobs. Socialism destroys the middle class, puts the leaders higher up (ie-Obama) and everyone else on the bottom. But everything is fair that way, right?

And as for voting, I couldn't help think of Jim Rohn's statement about getting employees to peak performance: "Motivation is not enough. If you motivate an idiot, all you have is a motivated idiot."

Kristeee said...

I agree with a lot of your thoughts. I hadn't considered that now would be a good time to buy guns - thanks for the heads up.

I lived in Austria for a while and have several friends over there who can't understand why we're not all elated about Obama being elected, and why we're so scared of socialistic programs. I have to say, I would be in favor of nationalized health care - IF we could do it right. I'd also be in favor of a nationalized education system - IF we could do it right.

I think that, in general, government gets in the way of progress because it eliminates the need for capitalistic competition. I also think that the government programs do poor people a disservice by not requiring them to make steps to take themselves out of poverty. That's why I'd be in favor of a nationalized education system - education is the key to avoiding poverty. In Germany & Austria, education is free all the way through college. There are several tracks one can take - trade schools, technology schools, college, etc. But it's all paid for, and the teachers are paid handsomely. I think the No Child Left Behind Act was a pathetic attempt to have a general level of education in the states, as it holds bright students back. We need a stratification system, not just a blanket attempt at making education better. But that's a different story.

Nationalized health care doesn't have to be a socialistic nightmare like what we've heard of England and Canada, where people wait for months to have surgeries and the elderly aren't allowed to have hip replacements, etc. And, if done right, it could promote lower prices and better quality service. And maybe we could get away from the "I don't know what you have, but here's an antibiotic anyways" mentality. Anyhow...there's my two cents worth...

Jacqui said...

"I believe the government should protect and defend our lives, liberties, pursuits, not provide them." ~ AMEN to that!

I totally agree with the government test, too. I heard a quote that goes something like, "when everyone can vote--even those sitting on their cans milking the system--and they realize they can vote MONEY to themselves, then a true democracy no longer exists." I agree. When the vote a slacker who doesn't work, but lives off welfare, and a hard-working, contributing person's vote equal exactly the same thing...we're in trouble.

Mizike said...

Testing voters is an interesting idea.

All voters should be able to read and have a general understanding of the constitution. They should be required to be able to read sections of the constitution to the poll watchers and interpret, satisfactory, the meaning of those sections.

Voting is our social responsibility. Unfortunately, it is a very expensive undertaking for our community to support. In order to properly support the fiscal needs of elections, we should have a polling fee charged. There will be exceptions made, of course. This should only be charged to those people who do not own property and do not support the community through payment of their property taxes. Why should I, as a property owner, have to pay services the other people are getting for free?

Speaking of property owners, they should be the only ones with the right to vote. We have invested in the community, and are proper tax paying citizens. Why should transitory individuals have the right to decide how MY tax dollars are being spent? They should divy up the same as I am.

And if they should be allowed to vote, their vote shouldn't carry the same weight. I think they should only get 3/5ths of a vote.

It's only fair treatment for true Americans who always seemed to be asked to carry the weight of the lazy.