Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Healthy Eating Challenge: Day of Reckoning

Ok ladies! The goal day is here. Yesterday was the last day of the three week challenge and today we report in! Tell me how it went, what you did to make it, and if you think it helped in the long run. Even if you didn't make your goal, I'd love to hear how you did, what went wrong, and how far you got (if you're willing to share).

Here's one little thing I didn't tell you.

If you had a brain lapse moment and put a piece of candy in your mouth, or took a bite of cake, etc. but you realized your mistake and quickly corrected your behavior, I'm still going to count you as achieving your goal. If you said, "Ah, to heck with it" after realizing, then I will not count the lapse as ok, and you will be disqualified from the drawing.

The drawing:
All those who report in by Friday as having achieved their goal will be entered into a drawing for a prize. The winner can either have Betty Crocker's Healthy Home Cooking Cookbook or your choice of an item listed on my homemade gifts sidebar sent to you. I'll just have to get your preference and mailing address when it's all said and done.


Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

I achieved my goal of no sweet treats or drinks for 3 weeks!

It felt longer than I thought it would which means I was more addicted to sugar than I thought I was!

A couple days I had to just brush my teeth right after dinner so I wouldn't feel the need for something sweet to take the dinner taste out of my mouth. Most of the time I ate fruit or fruit leather when I was craving a snack or something sweet. I also found I naturally drank more water and snacked less in the evenings.

My candida problem I'd been having for a month went away after 3 days of no sugar treats! And that was after taking 2 types of medicines unsuccessfully!

marzy dotes said...

I made it! I agree it was harder than I thought. My saving grace was allowing myself one evening where I could indulge in a sweet treat.

Thank you for this challenge. I also realized how much I crave sweets! I enjoyed this so much, that I plan on continuing and keeping myself in the habit of only indulging once a week. It really has made a big difference. Thank you Celia!

holly said...

I lose...I kept slipping up and finally just decided to bag it. I definately cut back still, but definately didn't meet my goal.

Jodi said...

I did eat more veggies and no chips or fries.

I also realized by looking at the serving sizes of the veggies I wasn't doing as badly as I thought I had been, but still I needed to improve by 2 a day.

I also started counting calories and a food journal online about the same time so I am down 7-8 pounds (it depends on the time of day:) from when I started this 3 weeks ago. Really eating more veggies helped me stay more full, especially the fresh shredded brocoli mixed with other things, like chicken for lunch, it was yummy and so filling.

Thanks again for the challenge!

Rolyndia said...

I lost too. I gave in like I said and did not do so good. I have decided after Thanksgiving, on Friday, I am starting again and NOT giving in until Christmas. I will do it, I will do it, I will do it, LOL, I have to keep telling myself this.

Stephanie said...

I met my goal of 5 fruits and vegetables a day, although there were some days I almost forgot and didn't make it.

It's hard for me because my husband doesn't like most fruit and is not big on veggies either, but with a challenge on my mind, it made me plan my meals and snacks better. I also kept track of how many servings I had with some magnets on my magnet board, which was a good visual reminder as well.

I still ate sweets, but I think I ate less than usual because I reached for a fruit or veggie first, or sometimes just drinking water. I also finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight, which is a great reward for my challenge!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Hooray Marzy!!

Good try Holly! Valiant effort.

Jodi-8 lbs! That's amazing.

Roly-maybe this time around give yourself a little wiggle room. It seems like having 1 night a week for a "treat" night might be more reasonable. Good luck.

Steph-way to be! Smart move with the magnets too.

Kristeee said...

Heh. I aimed a little too high. I did go back to WW, but didn't necessarily do anything else to the extent planned. :)

Erin S. said...

I made it. Besides for the 3 days that I had flu and then strep. (Try eating veggies with a sore throat. LOL.) We did go through a lot more fresh veggies, which was great because Christian has been trying to eat more too. Thanks for the challenge!

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...

Juls made it.

randa_joy said...

I was all over the treat thing. It was easy to not eat treats at home. But the water thing at first I just couldn't drink that much because body wasn't used to it and I had to pee all day. So I didn't reach all my goals but I'm happy with my accomplishments. Eventually other good things happened with the treat restrictions, like I craved water and had to eat breakfast early and didn't feel like eating late. Of course I feel like I completely made up for it over last 5 days. Now that I'm back home we'll see if I can go back to social treating and not eating junk at home alone.

leethie said...

I met my goal! After the first week of drinking water instead of eating sweets the cravings went away so it was harder to remember drinking water, but my intake still increased overall. I made a pumpkin pie with only 3 Tbsp of sugar justifying that it was the same amount in pancakes and ate a bit of that.
This challenge was so good for me! Thanks Celia! Yes, my pie intake this weekend was high. I could tell that the increased sugar in me and my kids had an impact on our emotions. I think I'll continue with low sugar. Maybe one family treat a week and one social treat(if it presents itself).