Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Well dang it.

I didn't even last a week of daily journaling on here. Ah well. I will keep trying.

Yesterday my praise project was initiated. It was amazing. Lots of high fives, praise, hugs, etc. Dean voluntarily helped with dishes both in the morning and in the evening. There were very few fights. The kids were happy and helpful. When I picked up Dean from school, he said it was the best day of school he's ever had.  He and Walter both got "clipped up" for good behavior in class. Dean's teacher even wrote me an email saying, "Hello Mrs. Brasfield, I wanted to let you know that Dean had a great day at school today! He was super polite and helpful to me and many others. I loved his smiles and positive attitude!"  It was awesome. At bed time he voluntarily washed his feet (they ALWAYS stink super bad when he takes off his shoes but often balks when we ask him to wash his feet. Poor guy inherited my sweaty feet and hands), and he was just really thoughtful all day. 

Today I tried doing much of the same. I will admit I was more tired and probably not quite as exuberant. The kids seemed more tired as well. I still tried to praise and much as possible. It was good, but not quite as epic. They fought a little more, but it was still a good day. I only lost my cool for a moment when I was getting in the car to pick up Walter and saw that Vivian had gotten into Edward's preschool box of snacks he was supposed to take tomorrow and opened up the box of granola bars and opened up a bar and was already eating it by the time I got out to the car with Marian. Haha. That girl! So independent. She had THE SADDEST face, though, when I told her she wasn't supposed to get into it and I was not happy with her. I felt bad and it reminded me that she is more important than a granola bar. 

I will continue to try and focus on praising more than I correct. I have a feeling it might be tested a little to see if my resolve is real. I will do my best to be my best. 

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