Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Edward's first day of preschool

Trying to do a daily journal post is tricky for titles. So is adding pictures from my iPad. It wouldn't give me access to his picture from today, so I'll settle for one last week. This morning was Edward's first day of preschool. In my mind when I signed him up I remember thinking "great! I can walk the boys to school and then just continue on down another half a mile and drop Edward off." So I basically didn't even check the time again before leaving for school. I had him pack his backpack just like the other boys and we did exactly that. We got there, paid his tuition, went to the bathroom, took first day photos. By then I thought, man' there should be more people by now. I saw his teacher arrive and I thought, that is weird she is getting here just 5 minutes before class. Then I saw the assistant teacher and I asked her if it started at 9. Nope. 9:30.

Luckily they had a TV in the lounge area of the rec center. And as we walked over, I saw it had some music video with nearly naked women dancing provocatively.  One of the front desk ladies was on her way over and told the young man watching that he needed to turn it to a kid station as preschoolers would be arriving and they couldn't have that kind of programming on. So the front desk lady and Bubble Guppies saved the half hour. The kids were happy and Edward was the first in his class.

Surprisingly I've never been a teary mom when my kids go to school. I find it exciting. I loved school growing up. I love seeing my kids grow. As we were walking from the elementary school to preschool, Edward was singing, "I'm so excited, I'm going to preschool. Going to preschool. Going to preschool. I'm so excited." On and on. 😀😀 I did not cry. Vivian, on the other hand did. She was SO sad she didn't get to stay for preschool as well.

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