Monday, September 05, 2016

47 years

My parents make a great team.  They have been married 47 years today.  We were blessed to have them here since my cousin Will got married yesterday. I was kind of having a rough Labor Day morning. Well, it started out great actually. After breakfast I put Marian down, let the kids watch cartoons, and I went running when it was still the beautiful, cool, clear fall mountain air. I got 3 miles in. But then when I tried to get my kids to work...lets just say what should have been a 20 min. Job turned into a two hour job. By the time my parents got here, the living room was still a mess and I was very irritable.

And then I saw the hand of the Lord. My mom helped the kids make some lunch. They showed me pictures from the wedding. My dad danced with Vivian and Edward to the songs on the electric keyboard. And they made me laugh. Life is so much nicer when you can laugh.  The rest of the day wasn't perfect, but I was so grateful my parents could step in and help lighten my load if only for a few minutes. They are good examples of what a couple and parents should be. I sure love them and am so grateful I live here where I am able to see the so frequently. 

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