Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Sometimes I'm doing ok, ya know?

This morning I woke up at 5:40 with the baby. Once I got her fed and back to bed I laid down on the couch knowing my 2 and 4 year olds would be up soon. And they were, but they let me kind of rest quietly until about 6:50. I've always kind of been a loud person, and it used to offend me that Matt would be so sensitive to my volume right after he woke up, but I totally get it now.  Totally.

This morning I just kept speaking softly. Almost in a whisper. It didn't minimize their noise completely, but I definitely think it helped. My kids sometimes procrastinate after they wake up, so even though they have 1-1.5 hours before they have to go to school after waking up, we still got out of the house about 5 min. Late. Last time that happened I drove them so they wouldn't walk in late, but I told them that next time we'd just walk and be late so they could learn time management. Well, here we were. 

Walter REALLY doesn't like to draw attention to himself and was extremely concerned about being late. He basically cursed my name and cried the whole way to school because I didn't drive them. We really hustled and they got there just in time for them to make it in as the bell was ringing. I was just so proud of myself today because so often I take the bait. So often I get in an argument about why it isn't MY fault we were late, etc. but today I just said, "I hate being late too. We need to figure out a solution so this doesn't happen again." So, sometimes I do get it right. This is one of my hardest things as a parent. Keeping my voice soft, not engaging in the chaos or loud angry tones when people are yelling around me. But I have been working on it, and I have improved some over the last few years. And I'll continue to try and be better tomorrow than I was today. And if I'm not, I'll try, try again.

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