Saturday, September 10, 2016

Positive affirmations

Unfortunately it is just after midnight, so I missed posting on yesterday's date, but I figured I'd go ahead and still get in he spirit of the law post.

I've always been a believer in positive affirmations. I don't say any daily, but whim struggling with something in life, I tend to fall back on them for strength to change. Today after lunch I finally got my 2 year old, Vivian, dressed. She started running around the kitchen saying, "I'm so pretty!" Over and over. Then Edward jumped in on the fun and ran around saying, "I'm so cool!" Then Vivian changed to, "I'm so sweet!" It reminded me of how important it is that we send good messages to ourselves. This morning Dean was getting really frustrated with a clay project he was trying to do. He ended up throwing his clay saying, "I give up!" I had him say, "My name is Dean Brasfield and I can do hard things."  He resisted saying it at first. I asked if he'd rather say, "my name is Dean Brasfield and I'm a quitter." He said he didn't want to say either. I told him he needs to choose to believe in himself in order to succeed. He ended up saying he can do hard things. I ended up throwing away the homemade clay and buying him some sculpy.  And he finished his project.

Here are some affirmations you are more than welcome to use for you or your children or classrooms. 😀 I made them for my Lets Play Music classroom. The "I am in charge of me" means that we choose our behavior. My brain tells my hands or body what to do, so I can make good choices and control myself.

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