Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I think that sums it up.

Today I had institute at the church, so Dean and Walt were in the nursery for a little over an hour. When it was over, I asked Dean if he was a good boy. He said "Dean threw toys at other kids." I said, "Oh, that makes me so sad. We don't want to hurt other kids. Kids don't want to be our friend if we hurt them or throw toys at them. You want to have friends, don't you."  He replied, "No, Dean don't want any friends. Dean only want you. You are only one person. Dean want you to come to preschool and nursery and everywhere Dean goes."

So often it seems like he hates having Walt around, and I honestly think a lot of that stems from him wanting me all to himself. I hope they can be better friends once he moves past this stage.


AmyJane said...

I mostly love that he consistently talks about himself in the 3rd person!

Lindsay said...

We have similar problems with Garrett and Caleb, though their issues stem mostly from an inability to share. Consequently there is a lot of screaming and freaking out between those two. They do know how to have fun together, but the happy times aren't nearly as frequent as I wish they were. I imagine things will improve at least a little as they both get better but in the meantime they spend a lot of time separated from each other.

Lois said...

Oh bless his heart. At least you know that he loves you. He will outgrow this but it is a hard time.