Monday, November 08, 2010

Giving Thanks: Bike and Car

On Sunday our card was "I am thankful for my bike: Go for a bike ride."  Dean loves his bike, but hates his helmet. So for awhile there we didn't ride all that much because no helmet, no bike ride. He's okay with it now most of the time and will go if I suggest it.  Our friends the C.'s were outside with remote control cars. The boys loved it! Dean kept trying to follow the cars it was so cute. Once again blogger wouldn't let me load my other video, but this one works I guess.

Today our card was "I'm thankful for our car: Clean out and wash our car." I had forgotten that last time we washed our car Dean dumped the entire bottle of carwash out. So, we just ended up cleaning it out and vacuuming. Dean REALLY wanted to wash it, but he settled for watering the bushes and soaking Walter from head to toe. Luckily it had warmed up today and was about 74*.

Dean really wanted to take a picture. Not too bad.

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