Friday, November 05, 2010

Halloween 2010

Matt was still feeling a little poorly on Sunday so I ended up with both boys in church for 3 hours by myself again (this is like the 4th time in the two months). Being in nursery just puts me over the top on those days! It was pretty rough. I was losing it. Dean was losing it. I am just amazed at all the moms who take their children to church by themselves on an extended and regular basis (whether their husbands are in stake pres./bishopric/inactive/non-member, etc.). You women need a medal for continuing on!

Since Matt got to sleep some, he was feeling slightly better by afternoon, so that's when we did our carving. It was so hot in the direct sun! We decided not to do intricate pumpkins because we didn't want to stay out there longer than necessary!!  Dean drew his face for the pumpkin and I helped carve it. He helped me carve the top off my pumpkin and throw away the guts. Walter helped clean out the pumpkins and he drew with a marker on a small sugar pumpkin.

Walter after eating a twix bar.
That night I hadn't planned on taking Dean out. We had some candy for trick-or-treaters, and since Dean had taken a nap, I let him help me hand out for awhile. (Walt was asleep before any trick-or-treaters came.)  He LOVED it. He was so excited to help hand out candy. He didn't even want to wait for them to knock, so we sat on our little mini-bench on our porch waiting for kids. I had to laugh, though, when I saw the wheels start turning about half way through the night. He had a package of skittles and a laffy taffy in hand ready to hand out; he was going to give the skittles and I saw him hesitate a moment, change his mind, and put in the laffy taffy. After the kids left, he said, "Dean wants to eat these skittles!" And then he started going through the candy, looking for all the "bad stuff" (ie. smarties and jolly ranchers) to hand out first so he could possibly save the good candies for himself. HAHA. I did the same thing the night before! (We handed out all of our "bad" candy at the trunk or treat, so what we had left was what I considered decent candy).

Anyway, at one point he said, "It's not Halloween, not for us!" And that made me feel a little guilty. So I asked if he wanted to go to a few neighbor's houses.  So, we put on his costume (over his pjs) and headed out to about 10 houses.  He tried giving his candy to the first three houses. It was very cute. On our walk, there was one mean middle schooler who had a horribly scary mask/costume. While they were walking he had it up, and when he saw Dean, he put it down and kind of came at him making noises. Punk. I said, "Come on, he's just a little guy!" and he laughed and walked off. At least Dean wasn't really old enough to really internalize and process it.

He ate a few pieces of candy the next day, and while his candy bag is still sitting on the counter, he and Walter have not asked for any candy since! I may just recycle candy into the stockings!!! Does that make me a bad mom? =)

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