Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Eve 2010

With Halloween being on Sunday this year, we did some of our Halloweening tonight. We will carve pumpkins tomorrow after church (Matt was really sick today).  We went to the church for a Trunk and Treat night.  While I agree it's much safer and a lot more consise, I do think there' s a little something lost by not knocking on people's doors and walking the neighborhood. Matt says we might do a little tomorrow night in our neighborhood, but I don't know if I'm up for it and the boys have WAY more than enough candy already.

I made Walter a Charlie Brown shirt by cutting up an old black shirt of mine and appliqueing it onto his shirt. Unfortunately I could only find long sleeve shirts in the right color, and my sewing machine won't do sleeves that small so I couldn't cut them.  At least it wasn't roasting hot. Somewhere in the 70s I think. He was on my hip the whole time at the church. About half the people got that he was Charlie Brown. The other half said he was a bumblebee. Whatever. I thought he was a cute Charlie Brown.

This was a candid shot of him being so excited to go trick or treating.
When I asked Dean what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said a builder. Not Bob the Builder. Just a builder. So I set out to make him a good builder's tool belt. It took us forever to find a hardhat, but we finally did in Target's role play section.  I got a $1 flannel shirt from Kid-to-Kid and we were set. He already had tools. I really wanted to get him the Dough and Melissa wooden tool box so we had lots of screws to put in his belt and so he could use his tool box as the candy bag, but I couldn't justify the purchase since he already has 2 regular tool boxes.  Instead I made them little trick or treat totes today during their nap. I was very pleased with the final size and how cute they came out.

Aren't these darling??

Walter wasn't sure about all the people, so he was clamoring at dad's knee.


I decided to dress up last minute.


Th. said...


Cahrlie Brown is aweseom.

KRISTAN said...

I love seeing the boys in their costumes. Dean looks so happy. Grandpa knew right away that Walter was Charlie Brown, great costumns!

Lindsay said...

Great costumes! Garrett went as Charlie Brown again this year, too, and Caleb went as Linus. I made both of their shirts, but I made a freezer paper stencil for the zig zag stripe and colored it in with fabric paint. I hand painted (with fabric paint) the stripes for the Linus shirt. Definitely an easy set of costumes to pull together, and they turned out great, despite my natural disinclination towards crafty things. :)

Celia Marie (W.) B. said...